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Who thinks that’s funny?

Humour really is a matter of personal taste, as Greetings Today editor Tracey Bearton discovered recently. Retailers have to balance their own preferences with what customers want to buy – but there really is something for everyone out there.

offended by the bithday card we sent him last year. I’d giggled at the Lesser Spotted Images


Retire Dull Old Twatt card and my husband thought his older brother would at least crack a smile. But after this year’s

birthday, their mum let slip that he’d told her he’d been offended that we’d called him a “twatt”.

Ermm...we didn’t, honest! It was a joke! I’ve never had that

problem before, I usually manage to judge the level of offence just right.

Humour is a matter of personal taste, with a lot of age, culture and upbringing thrown in - and it can very much depend on the situation.

I used to work in national newspapers and some of the jokes that were fl ying around the newsroom within minutes of a disaster or murder being reported were incredibly tasteless but did lighten the tension, much like the gallows

Knitting up woolly-brained fun

MINT are at it again, knitting some unique and exciting characters into life with the newest additions to the Knit & Purl fl ock. These brand-new humour ranges, KnitWits and HaPea Snaps, were previewed at PG Live and have gone down a storm with all who have set eyes on them.

The cheeky KnitWits characters are causing hilarity, photo-bombing famous faces and big screen hits with their own brand of silliness – there is nowhere that these comical characters won’t venture for a laugh. Fun titles include Harry

Trotter, The Prawn Identity, Lady Nana and William ShakesPear.

All the designs are blank for any occasion


and fi nished with UV varnish, trade price 81p, SRP £1.95.

HaPea Snaps features knitted characters on holiday around the world, taking selfi es in front of iconic settings and having a ball! Whether they’re having a Baaaabie Down Under or a Toadally Awesome time in the USA, they can’t resist the urge to say “Cheeeeeese” and “Wish You Were Mere”! Designs are blank for any occasion, with Knit Wits 184x133mm and HaPea Snaps 163x63mm, both are fi nished with UV varnish, trade price 81p, SRP £1.95. So cast off, stay loopy, and join in the woolly- brained fun!

T: 0116 230 4197

UMOUROUS cards really can get you in trouble, as I found out recently! Apparently my brother-in-law was

humour of the medical profession and police offi cers.

If the wrong people heard such jokes, they’d be very offended but, of course, the point is that it’s really not aimed at them.

On the other hand, people can surprise you with what they fi nd funny - the little old lady gigglng at some of ruder Brainbox Candy, Dean Morris, Quitting Hollywood and Boogaloo Stu cards. It does make it very

diffi cult for retailers as they have to both judge their cutstomers and either rein in their own tastes accordingly, or stock designs they’d never send themselves in a million years!

But, as with the publishers, shops fi nd theri own niche. Being

the only stockist of rude cards on the Isle of Man kept Jessica Ball in business when street refurbishment threatened her story JJ Ribbons. Of course, if retailers or customers really fi nd a joke just too offensive, they have the best retort possible - don’t buy it. At the end of the day, no publisher will keep a design that doesn’t sell.

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