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WINDLES Group live and breathe greetings cards, it’s what we do. But there’s a whole host of other exciting things we do too where we’re able to use our expertise and innovative processes to

develop extension products with our customers. Lifestyle products are increasingly popular. Seeing the

wonderful designs and imagery on greetings cards that are then adopted on tea towels, oven gloves, aprons and mugs makes for a great solution for using those top sellers in different ways. Making such products into a gift, something special and perhaps limited edition, means we can bring in Windles Group’s unique and impressive processes to generate amazing solution for luxury and clever packaging. With the design and product engineering from MuchMore, and the cardboard engineering background of our CAD Manager Gareth Nottingham, new and exciting packaging concepts have been cooked up to produce stunning boxes with genius functionality to promote. A full service from ideas generation through prototype to completed product which can be supplied fl at or made up is provided. Having in-house cutter-making and die-cutting, it works

perfectly with creative cold foil, embossing, glitter, and hot foil to add perceived value and that all important wow factor. A tea towel can be transformed into a high-end giftware item and made extra special with beautiful packaging as Windles Group’s printing on paper, boards, metal boards and polyprop means there is no limit to what can be achieved. Flat wrap giftwrap is produced in smaller or larger volumes

as required. Paper is stocked in silk, satin, uncoated, gloss and textured. Creative cold foil on giftwrap is popular as it not only cuts out the need for a rather large foil die, but the use of

unlimited foil colours on wrap makes for a striking sheet that stands out. Creative holographic varnish is another of those innovative litho processes unique to Windles Group. Extensive research and development from both MD Bruce Podmore and Press Manager Norman Coyde has perfected this technique giving a holographic fi nish without the higher cost of foil. It’s clever and, used in conjunction with smart designs, gives you a look that will make your product unique. This holographic pattern can be used on greetings cards, wrap and packaging items – it’s been a big hit on a cylindrical package which is so cleverly printed it actually looks like it’s a proper tin! Packaging can also be enhanced with deep textured varnish, another process applied on the press giving you an inexpensive technique but a luxury and expensive look.

A litho plate is used to give patterns in varnish which creates something tactile. Fine screens and inspired design allows you to produce something that not only visually looks incredible, but you can feel each groove within a simulated vinyl on board, or each little fl eur-de-lys on a luxury package for a mug, for example.

uxur Window stickers can be printed and kiss cut,

coasters and placemats produced on heavy polyprop printed and die cut, while stati-cling products mean you can produce something that affi xes to a fl at surface without adhesive.

kiss cut, avy pol

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Currently popular in doctors’ surgeries to display a picture of the human body without ruining the walls, it’s sure to increase in popularity as it gets adopted for other purposes in the gifts side. Adam Gough heads up sales at

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Windles Group for products produced outside of what’s considered the norm – the special things which not

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everyone is aware of what is actually achievable. After being here for eight years he loves working as an

integrated team with all his greetings cards colleagues as the various product requirements demanded have opened up opportunities for publishers. Adam said: “Before, I just saw the importance of keeping the presses running during those times where the demand for greetings cards dropped being such a seasonal product. “Now I love working with the entire greetings card team.

The cross-over has fi nally happened where we as a group are able to provide the complete service for all printed and fi nished products – I am no longer alone!” He also pointed out the creative cold foil Flexisheet

offer that has allowed customers to print a one-off piece of stationery or invite with cold foil by joining up with others needing the same service, which had previously been somewhat limiting when an entire sheet had to be produced by one party.

Windles Group bring you creative cold foil, holographic varnish, de stati-cling, glitte


holographic varnish, deep textured varnish, window stick

as our high standards die-cutting and fl itteriing. e are the tool b

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● Not alone – Adam Gough


STUDIO SEED Warwick Business Centre, Hawkes Drive, Warwick, CV34 6LX Tamsin Seed 07739 329435

GEORGIA BREEZE DESIGNS 20 Fairfi eld Rd, Bude, EX23 8DH, Georgia Frost 01288 350683 or 07966 932059


The Coach House, Dock Street, Penarth, CF64 2LA Vanessa Bowerman

029 2000 6850 or 07739 705025


wholesale@urban www.urbanapothecary 0844 244 8818

Passionate about Bristol BRISTOL is Suzanne Hicks’ home town which she feels very

passionate about so uses the area in her artwork, taking photos of people and places in and around the city.

“This can be as simple as a teen on his BMX,” she said, “or the scenic views around us. When I take a photo I’m guided by my intuition and fi nd taking it captures my personal moment of ‘satori’. “These photos were taken at various times of the day to capture life around us as I see it. Suzanne had an eventful timeas a teen, hanging

around trendy areas of Clifton including the notorious Dug Out Club, staying in London squats or on music studio fl oors. and started taking photos at an early age. She added: “I think this has had a strong infl uence on my life and my ambitions. I love photos to be unique and catching people being themselves, picking up on that great vibe, giving the picture that something else.” Her cards are made with the fi nest material available, they’re also

environmentally friendly and come supplied with a limited edition custom-stamped envelope and card displaying the Artist logo. T: 07766 736116

Typing up a storm

A TYPEWRITER that made it through World War Two is helping Norwich-based illustrator Tessa Killingbeck make a go of her card business. She set up Killing B in December and sold

200 cards in two weeks in three Norfolk shops, and is now hoping to expand across the UK. Tessa uses grandfather Robert Walker’s 1920s Remington typewriter to fi nish her designs, also offering telegram-style personalisation on her cards featuring colourful scenes depicting animals, birds, fl owers and tasty foods. He carried this machine through WW2, writing

plays to entertain the soldiers then became Norwich Evening News editor.

12 Tessa, who draws with pet wire fox terrier

Tobin at her side, said: “I’ve drawn my animal characters since I was a child, Airedale terrier Bevy Dingle was the protagonist. “It’s great to now have Tobin, a real-life long-snouted hound, living with me.”

the com suppo from Mu

stickers, stati-cling, glitters, product engineering as well as our high standards in hot foiling, embossing, die-cutting and

We are the tool box for producing your best- selling greetings cards as well as premium packaging for your lifestyle goods and extra products like coasters, place mats and stickers. With the combined knowledge, technical support and creative support from both Windles Group and MuchMore, the sky’s the limit!

T: 01844 201 683

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