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100 years on... There are so many ways to look back on World War 1.

You can read the chilling statistics – quoted in black and white, showing the number of shells fi red and the tally of people who lost their lives. There are the photographs – soldiers in trenches, clutching their guns, waiting to go over the top into battle and ‘hell on earth’. There are harrowing images of the wounded, standing in line, with bandages across their eyes and one hand on the shoulder of the man in front – the maimed leading the blind. And you can read the work of the ‘War Poets’, whose words still resonate as powerfully as any mortar or bullet fi red on the Western Front during the confl ict itself.

But if we rely purely on the weight of words, pictures and statistics to understand World War 1, it is hard not to feel the distance between 1914 and today. Now that the last of the veterans who fought in the war has died – Harry Patch passed away in 2009 – we have lost the fi nal personal, physical connection to the Great War. This publication seeks to re-establish that intimate, visceral connection – mixing history with remembrance, exploring both the archives and the places we can visit today, to enable us, a century on, to have a closer appreciation of the scale of the confl ict and of the sacrifi ces made by so many millions of people.

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