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6 Giftware Review May/June 2014 *


Wartime anniversary remembered by the nation

Great swathes of ‘Flanders’ poppies could appear in British gardens this year as part of a campaign to get shoppers buying and planting seeds. Hillier Nurseries and Garden Centres

wants to raise money for Blind Veterans UK and commemorate all those fallen in warfare since the outbreak of World War One.

The garden centre has decided to grow

Papaver rhoeas, known as the Flanders poppy and plans to sell 10,000 traditional wild flower poppies. A donation of 25p from each plant will go to the charity. Larry Rynsard, head of marketing at

working with such a well known organisation as Hilliers. Together we will be raising vital funds to support thousands of veterans whose lives have been seriously affected by severe sight loss. Every penny raised will make a real difference to those who served our country.” Blind Veterans

Hillier Nurseries said: “Flanders poppies are, of course, a symbol of remembrance dating back 100 years to World War One. They are wild flowers that germinate when the soil has been disturbed –

‘people want to

commemorate World War One’

LEGO DUPLO first launched in 1969 and the product is currently travelling the country in a ‘World of Play’ tour to promote the ranges. The tour kicked off at Legoland, Windsor in March and was applauded by press and parents invited to attend the first event. Debbie Bird, editor of

noted; “the children enjoyed using their imaginations to create and bring to life their bricks”. The event also attracted the attention of ‘mummy bloggers’ who shared views including; “children loved the quality,

the work of the plough in peacetime and by guns in times of war. “We know that many people will want to

commemorate the centenary of World War One and feel that selling poppies to help raise funds in aid of Blind Veterans UK is an excellent way of doing this.” Hillier has its own military connection

since it was founded 150 years ago in 1864 and the company’s trees were used to camouflage military operations during the Second World War. Andrew Jones, director of fundraising

and communications at Blind Veterans UK, said: “We are extremely excited to be

Celebrating ‘World of Play’

Two major toy companies are celebrating their long lived success with major tours in the UK this year and widespread public support means it’s worth retailers celebrating with them.

colours and creative sets which helped them play and encouraged them to learn.” Online promotions and LEGO DUPLO

video competitions on Facebook all help to keep this 45-year-old product at the top of its game – making the most of new technology to support traditional ideas. Meanwhile, PLAYMOBIL is celebrating

its 40th anniversary this year and sent 40 life-sized PLAYMOBIL characters to the magical Pirate Castle in London’s Camden recently to kick- start the event. The German toy giant has a long history of promoting creative play and encouraging children’s

imaginations to run free and the giant versions of favourite characters, dating from 1974, staged a dramatic rescue attempt. Even the popular comedian, Jimmy Carr couldn’t resist getting involved. The life-size characters will also be on

tour during 2014 so look out for promotion ideas near you.

Gift retailers based beside the seaside have enjoyed a resurgence of interest in the old- fashioned British beach holiday and what could be more traditional than the good old wind break. This jolly design brings the product bang up to date and comes from Norfolk based, Gone Crabbing.

Totally Clawsome

UK, formerly known as St Dunstan’s was founded in 1915 as a direct response to the large numbers of soldiers returning blinded from the

battlefields of World War One. Today, the national charity still supports blind veterans by providing free, comprehensive and lifelong practical and emotional support to them and their families. It also supports blind veterans regardless of when they

served or how they lost their sight – not only those

blinded in conflict. The poppy promotion

runs until June 30. Blind Veterans UK needs

£100 million over five years to provide lifelong support to blind ex-Service men and women. Find out more at

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