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34 Giftware Review May/June 2014 Jewellery & Fashion Accessories

Sparkling innovation in the jewellery business

Sourcing jewellery for the gift trade has never been easier – or has it? Fabulous trade shows offer everything from high end precious ranges to rock bottom costume stuff, but the key is clever buying and understanding exactly what your customers want next.

The industry hasn’t had the easiest of times recently following those memorable years when costume jewellery was so popular suppliers almost couldn’t produce it fast enough. It might not be easy getting it right but there are still great sales opportunities for gift retailers and it’s worth following trends at a number of jewellery events over the Summer.

Jewellery & Watch London ‘Real, intrinsic value’

After more than 20 years in the jewellery business Bob Petcher understands how difficult it is for gift retailers to decide on the right ranges to stock. These days

there are almost too many suppliers, he said, because it is so easy for anyone to set up shop by buying from abroad on the internet. Regional differences mean customer demands are different and the response to fashion trends varies enormously. Now he’s launched a new

range – Pearl and More – which goes back to his original principles of combining original design with natural materials. The jewellery features freshwater pearls, natural agates and semi-precious stones. He believes jewellery should have a

Next month Jewellery & Watch London opens in a new venue at London’s Saatchi Gallery on June 18-19. More than 60 per cent of the brands on display will be exclusive to the event making it a great place to spot inspirational new ideas. The show will undoubtedly be a central

hub for the industry with the National Association of Goldsmiths (N.A.G.) holding its annual meeting at the show. The event will also play host to the announcement of the Bering Buyers Power List which aims to recognise individuals and companies that have made an outstanding difference to the jewellery trade. A host of fine Italian jewellery brands

are also exhibiting at the show which has been welcomed by Julie Driscoll, the

New Assay Office

...The show will also play host to the

announcement of the Bering Buyers Power List...

event’s portfolio director. She said: “The fact that so many beautiful Italian brands have selected our show as the only platform to exhibit their collections in the UK is testament to the success of Jewellery & Watch London.”

Work has started on a brand new Assay Office in Birmingham – one of the oldest businesses in the city which was founded in 1773. The Assay Office still carries out its

statutory duty of testing and hallmarking precious metal but has widened its scope in the past decade now offering assessment, authentication and valuation of precious metals, jewellery, watches and fashion accessories and gemstones. By building new premises it will be able

to offer better facilities to customers and provide a centre of excellence to the local trade as well as making its collection of silver and the library available to researchers and enthusiasts. Chief executive and Assay Master, Stella

Layton said: “The move is crucial to our future business development, offering a more flexible and more environmentally friendly facility to support our ambitions as we grow our services to the jewellery, precious metal, gemstone and other associated trades.”

‘real, intrinsic value’ and not just be about the brand or colour of the box. His new offering covers everything from earrings for just a few pounds to a long string of graded, freshwater pearls for around £100. And he is certain

consumer demand for the ‘real thing’ will prove he is right. Recently he

tested his products by placing them on ASOS and was rewarded with good sales within minutes. And he was heartened to discover one of his bracelets made from blue and purple agate was half the price of a similar one made in plastic. To help retailers who

stock Pearl and More he has devised a reward

system for retailers who direct customers to his website when they are unable to supply the required item.

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