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Late payment concerns

Widdop Bingham sets up shop

Hundreds of brand new Autumn/Winter products will be launched by Widdop Bingham at a ‘Summer Fete’ inspired event in its Manchester showrooms. The event runs

from June 22-27 and on Tuesday (24) there will be an additional workshop by Jeremy Corner of Blue Eyed Sun entitled, Social Media – what’s all the fuss? The aim is to show social media can benefit those in the gift business. Andrew Illingworth, sales director at

Widdop Bingham said: “Over the last few years our home grown June shows have

A continuing culture of late payment remains a problem for many small businesses, according to latest research from the Forum of Private Business and many people would like to see more measures in place to tackle the issue. Phil Orford, chief executive of the Forum

said: ”Upwards of £30 billion remains tied up in late payments, costing a typical small business 130 hours a year to chase and meaning that a third are forced to seek external finance to cover gaps in cash.” The Government is apparently mulling

become increasingly popular. We invest heavily in new product development and are excited about our new collections designed specifically for the second half of this year.” The showroom will open from 8.30pm to 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm on Sunday.

Parental leave for fathers

Changes to parental leave come into force in less than a year and employers have been warned to make sure they fully understand the new rules and there are no ‘raised eyebrows’ when male workers request time off to look after children. The changes are designed to bring about a ‘culture change’ challenging ‘Edwardian

attitudes’ to childcare responsibilities and allowing both parents to take a more active role in their children’s upbringing. The Forum of Private Business provides detailed advice and support on employment

queries including parental leave and other business issues. For further information visit

over responses to a recent late payment discussion paper which revealed plenty of ideas for tackling the issue in a more ‘robust’ manner including the reintroduction of compulsory reporting of company payment terms and practices and annual checks for Prompt Payment Code signatories.

Brand new designers

Looking for fresh products from brand new designers? The UK’s New Designers 2014 is the event to build into your calendar to see more than 3,000 of the most talented design graduates all under one roof. This is the UK’s largest graduate

design exhibition and it also includes 60 of the brightest names, charting the progress they have made after one year in business. The exhibition runs in two parts at the Business Design Centre in London’s Islington from June 25-28 and from July 2-5.

Fans of the iconic Monkey and Johnny Vegas TV advertisement campaign will be interested in two new licensing deals signed by Bulldog Licensing with Aykroyds and Poeticgem. According to Bulldog the hilarious

double act has turned Monkey into a cult icon and one of the most popular brands for the 16-34-year-old customer. More than 40,000 people ‘like’ the PG tips page on Facebook which is fronted by Monkey. Aykroyds is developing a line of nightwear and Poeticgem is to produce T-shirts for men and women.

John Lewis is the best

You still can’t beat the service at John Lewis, according to a recent poll which maintained its position as the nation’s best retailer for customer satisfaction. The Verdict Customer Satisfaction Awards proved customers continue to recognise its standout service along with quality products. The survey of more than 5,800 customers showed the John Lewis scores far exceeded any other retailer in the survey.

Monkey the icon

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