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Government Affairs State News Update


RALEIGH - By the time you read this, it will be too late to register for the annual AANC Educa- tion and Legislative Day Conference.

However, do not despair; all is not lost!

If you were unable to register or allowed the deadline to slip past you, you can still attend the Lobby Day activity. This takes place Thursday, May 22 from 9 am until noon at the NC General As- sembly on Jones Street in Raleigh.

Special limited arrangements have been made for commuter parking. Please contact Burwell Stark at the TAA office to find out more information.

A write-up of the entire event will be included in the AfterThoughts section of the July/August issue of the ApartMentor. Stay tuned!

National News Update


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Postal reform was a key topic of an April 8 hearing held by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on President Obama’s FY 2015 budget proposal for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). The issue of postal reform has bipartisan support, with Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., applauding the budget proposal and announcing his intention to mark up legislation that is consistent with the proposal to help ensure bipartisan support for passage. But there is still disagreement over a proposed move to five-day mail delivery, and prefunding retiree health benefits, among other key issues.

Specifically, the Committee previously approved the Postal Reform Act of 2013 (H.R. 2748) on July 24, in part to address the $5 billion in USPS losses last year. The measure includes a provision to strengthen current postal service policy favoring centralized mail delivery to most addresses – in- cluding apartment communities – with a mandate to convert 30 million “to the door” addresses to centralized service by 2022. The Senate Com-

mittee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs also passed a reform measure (S. 1486) earlier this year with a more flexible delivery con- version provision. According to testimony during the hearing, the Administration favors centraliza- tion, but is concerned about changes to deliveries already in place.

NMHC/NAA support USPS delivery policies that protect safety and convenience for apartment residents and staff, as well as the security of mail and packages. In addition, cost and efficiency for existing and future apartment communities must be considered when policies encourage or mandate conversion to centralized mail delivery from existing door delivery.

NMHC news, April 11, 2014. http://www.nmhc. org/Content.cfm?ItemNumber=62208


2014 is an exciting year for elections! Not only are all the usual two-year elected offices (many municipal, state General Assembly and US Con- gressional) up for grabs, but this year the one of our US Senate seats is up for re-election as well.

How does this impact you, our valued TAA member?

TAA advocates for and against public policy related to the problems and concerns of rental housing owners and professionals, but we need your HELP!

Candidates elected during this election cycle will become the decision makers of tomorrow. TAA supports those candidates who understand and are receptive to our industry’s positions.

If you do NOT protect your industry, who will? In order to make an impact and a difference in our industry WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION TODAY.

Invest in the TAA PAC and/or the Triangle Community Owners and Residents Alliance (TCORA), a 527 organization, today and help us be the voice of the rental housing industry in the Triangle!


PAC stands for a political action committee, and it serves to pool contributions from individuals and

distribute them to candidates, political parties and other PACs. PACs can also spend money indepen- dently on political activities, including advertising and other efforts to support or oppose candidates in an election.

TAA PAC is considered a “connected” PAC in that it can only accept monies from TAA members. In North Carolina, the yearly contribution limit to TAA PAC is $4000 per individual.

PAC monies can be given directly to individual candidates or political parties as long as it is done in the name of the PAC.

TCORA is a 527 organization. A 527 is a tax- exempt group that may raise contributions from any individual or corporation, unlike a PAC. Also, unlike a PAC, there are no limits on the amount of yearly contributions that a 527 can accept from an individual or corporate entity.

However, 527 monies can not be used to specifi- cally advocate for or against any one candidate. Instead, they can be spent on “issue advocacy” and voter education, or letting the voters know the stance of a particular candidate on a specific issue.

AFTERTHOUGHTS – TAA Government Affairs Journal


“The mystery of government is not how Washington works but how to make it stop.” – P.J. O’Rourke

Washington, D.C. is a magical place, a fairy tale land filled with rivers and trees, monsters and he- roes, lords and ladies and the federal government.

Washington is also a place where many people go to spend their vacation. I’m not sure what the attraction is, unless it’s closely related to the same impulse that causes drivers to slow down and look at serious car accidents.

Regardless, every year in March the National Apartment Association (NAA) holds its Capitol Conference in Washington, D.C. This is a chance for all the local and state associations to get

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