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President’s Pen Contact Burwell Stark,

2014 TAA PAC Contributions

$30,000 Flex Your Political Muscle

Welcome to the “Gun’s Show!” The right arm – your Legislative Advocacy. The left arm – your TAA PAC Dol- lars. Don’t think you can flex them? Let me prove you wrong.

As a TAA member, you have at your fingertips numer- ous avenues to engage the political process at a speed comfortable for you.

AANC Legislative Conference – Armed with your peers at your side and with knowledge gained from educational seminars during the conference, storm the State Capitol to bring the Apartment Industry Message to your local elected officials educating them on the issues that affect our industry.

NAA Capitol Conference – Armed with even more of your peers at your side, take the Apartment Industry Message to Capitol Hill.

TAA Meet the Candidates Evening – Being participatory in the election process is critical to our industry. It is imperative to elect those who under- stand our concerns and challenges; and it begins with getting to know the candidates running for office and where they stand on issues relative to the multifamily industry.


TAA Government Affairs Committee (GAC) – The GAC meets monthly and is responsible for monitoring the activities of governmental bodies that impact the mission of the Association. The GAC develops positions on relevant issues, as well as recommends and implements strategies promoting the interests of the residential rental housing industry.

President’s Challenge: In our 30th year, the goal is $30,000 in

TAA PAC Contributions.

Grassroots Advocacy – You, as a citizen, are a constituent of elected officials in your neighborhood. Call them, write them a letter or visit their offices informing them that you are a voter in their district and would like to speak with them about your profession. Tell them why your job matters in the community and why our industry should matter to elected officials serving the community. Need a resource? Go to

TAA Government Affairs Director, with questions or to get involved.

Overwhelmed? Be a political player behind the scenes through the TAA PAC. Our political action committee funds our political advocacy efforts to help sponsor political candidates aligned with our industry’s business practices. Every dollar counts and every team member from the grounds keeper to the leasing professional to leadership should be investing in their career. The TAA PAC is an investment to ensure your voice is being heard to ensure your job is not at risk due to political influences. If each member of TAA - our site teams, regional teams and products and services teams – gave just $1 per month, TAA would raise over $60,000 annu- ally. I challenge every individual member of TAA to consider giving $1 per month.

If you do not think your voice matters or your dollars are not needed, here is a sampling of recent legislative successes in North Carolina that are a direct result of people like you standing up for your profession to make a difference.

SL 2011-252 (S533) – “Individually Metered Units/Tenants Charged.” All inclusive leases allowed making renting all inclusive corporate units or all inclusive student housing easier.

SL 2011-281 (S683) – “Residential Building Inspections.” The fight against rental registration, registration fees and discriminatory inspections – this bill saves a community of 300 units operating in Raleigh $3,000 annually!

SL 2013-334 (H802) – “Landlord/Tenant/Shorten Eviction Time.” This shortens the eviction time and makes it easier to dispose of abandoned property by a landlord during an eviction which saves communities money in lost income.

Navigating the political waters can be daunting. With TAA, AANC and NAA at your side, get involved and flex those guns!

Until next time… Bob Metzger CAM, CAPS President

Northwood Ravin

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