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I joined the Club in March 1998, introduced by the late Michael Cornley, with whom I had worked with in the late 70s in Oxford. At that time we had the weekly draw at 50p, and the ‘copper bowl’, which actually were two oddly shaped bowls that disappeared mysteriously.

I could be completely wrong but I think that Colin Holman provided the new ‘copper bowl’ that we use today. At some stage, again I think, Ken Diccox suggested that the ‘copper bowl’ henceforth be the basis of a donation to WaterAid and that the weekly draw be increased to £1, and go towards our contribution to the Rotary Foundation. Later, the setting up of standing orders to the weekly draw was the idea of John Carter, but he left it to me to work out how we achieved the mix of permanent numbers and the original letter blocks for cash.

2000 children died last year from Diarrhoea resulting from contaminated water The history of RFUK and WaterAid

At each AGM the Treasurer makes two proposals for donations to be considered by the meeting: 1, Donation to Rotary Foundation – Annual Programme Fund. 2, Donation to WaterAid. I thought that members might like to know about the history of these donations based on our annual accounts since 1997 – 1998 (they are as far back as my records go). The oldest accounts show that our contribution to Rotary Foundation in 1998 was £507.50. In 2003 we embarked on a programme to increase our contribution to try and achieve the goal of sending the equivalent of USD100 per member, and we sent £1,200. Gradual increases followed, £1,650 in 2006, £1,800 in 2008 and £2,635 in 2009 and £2,750 in each of the last three years. In total for the 16 years 1998 to 2013 we have sent £25,132.50. Our membership has decreased slightly but we made the decision not to reduce our contribution so that £2,750 equates to USD118 per member at the current rate. Our donation is from members efforts, like Lockinge and RIAT. to supplement the weekly draw contribution of about £1,650 (Incidentally, our specially funded contribution to the End Polio Now fund totalled £5,380 over the last six Rotary years).

WaterAid We sent £200 in 1999 and thereafter until increasing to £250 in 2004. We sent £300 in 2009, £350 for three years and £400 in 2013. The total for 15 years is £4,000. The copper bowl raises between £300/£400 each year.

Michael Cook Honorary Treasurer

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