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Marica Myrie, Math Intervention Specialist, and Khadijah Jeanty, Reading Intervention Specialist, Jamaica, NY

Samuel Huntington P.S. 40 is in the process of a technological reform. In order to meet the needs of the Common Core, our principal has begun transforming our 100 year old building into a state of the art “tech hub.”

Tis transformation has opened up countless possibilities for teachers and students, and StarrMatica has been such a dynamic tool that we are enthusiastic about using. Tis program has become the perfect co-teacher in all of our classrooms.

Currently, we use StarrMatica through a variety of ways. Many teachers use the StarrMatica videos for guided lessons when teaching a specific skill.

When peeking through classroom doors you can find students en-

gaged and tuned in. Te teachers also use skill specific games for whole group practice. Tis com- ponent adds enjoyment and brings learning to life for our students.

StarrMatica has also added a couple more minutes in our day. In the past, we’ve dedicated countless hours to skimming through the internet in search of appropriate materials. Now, that we have Starr- Matica, we can type in a topic, and like magic, a plethora of material appears; thousands of resources are at our fingertips.

We all love and have taken advan- tage of the digital backpack compo- nent that StarrMatica provides. Tis has helped our school GO GREEN! It allows us to assign a student work that is geared specifically to im- proving areas of deficiencies he or

she has. Te great part is that they can access their backpacks at home, and/or at the public library. Tis aspect saves us from having to have work copied and having students lose their assignments.

In addi-

tion, the digital backpack allows us to add outside content, so the options are endless.

P.S. 40 has fallen in love with Starr- Matica. We like to think that there is something for everyone. All of our teachers and students from PK-5 have been able to navigate through it easily.

StarrMatica has engaged our strug- gling learners, allows for academic intervention, provides enrichment for our advanced students, and has proven to be a great resource tool for our entire teaching staff.


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