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Featured Teachers

Teachers across the country share how StarrMatica’s digital content is transforming their classrooms. Billy Strickler - 4th Grade

Fairfield, Iowa

Carol Broadnax - TAG Saint Paul, Minnesota

Tararra Babaz - 4th Grade Lake Charles, Louisiana

StarrMatica allows a more kid-friendly approach to concepts, especially ones that might be a little difficult.

I can place activities and games in individualized backpacks that my students can work on to better their skills in areas they need to improve.

Kids enjoy the games and activities, and I never have to worry about en- gagement. I have kids taking more ownership of their learning, because they will work on things at home using StarrMatica.

Instead of having to go out and just search and search for things to fit all of my areas, I can go to one website and do it all in half the time. Teach- ers are always struggling for time, and this helps alleviate that stress.

StarrMatica just makes things easi- er for the teacher.

StarrMatica is extremely helpful in allowing me to quickly locate content that relates to specific state standards. Tis is very useful since I do not use textbooks in my classroom and I typically present content that is a grade level or two above the students’ actual grade. I am able to locate engaging materi- als and target them directly to my students’ skill levels.

My students love the interactive lessons which I use to introduce new concepts. I follow this up with the practice and resource ac- tivities during the units I teach. I also use the virtual manipulatives quite a bit.

StarrMatica helps my students extend and broaden their learning and it is very efficient for my needs. I am always confident that the ma- terials are of the highest quality.

I use StarrMatica in a whole group setting when I am introducing a new skill. Together we watch the teaching animation as well as complete a practice or enrichment which allows me to see how well the students are understanding.

Students also use StarrMatica individually in our computer lab. Students work on practice and complete assessments to reinforce the current skill.

StarrMatica solves the problem of searching for resources and keeping my students engaged. I am easi- ly able to look for a specific skill which in return cuts down on extra planning on my part.

StarrMatica lessons and practice allow me to replace the use of work- book pages and worksheets there- fore keeping my students engaged and involved.


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