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Pekin’s historical test scores com- paring the same groups of students from year to year showed growth in every grade level and in nearly every subject--including 100% of fourth graders proficient in math. Te tables to the right show the change in the percentage of stu- dents proficient from 2010 to 2011 as measured by ITBS testing.

Pekin’s data analysis, followed by technology assisted interventions utilizing StarrMatica’s library of content, produced positive results for all three participating grade lev- els. “I wasn’t sure if we would ever be able to crack that 95% ceiling, but this year with our assessment and intervention strategy, we did,” said Jeff Eeling, Pekin Elementary Principal.

As a secondary benefit, StarrMatica helped kindergarten through sixth grade teachers increase their use of interactive whiteboards for whole class instruction.

“As a teacher who was newer to the technology wave, StarrMatica was an easier way for me to adapt my classroom. It helped me to under- stand my interactive whiteboard and to use it more effectively in my classroom. Instead of searching for ways to use it, with StarrMati- ca, I immediately had a way to use my board,” said Sarah Wright, fiſth grade teacher.

Tree years later, Pekin continues their use of StarrMatica to meet

Tird Grade

2010 - 2nd grade 2011 - 3rd grade Percentage Change

Fourth Grade

2010 - 3rd grade 2011 - 4th grade Percentage Change

Fiſth Grade

2010 - 4th grade 2011 - 5th grade Percentage Change

Reading 80% 96%


Reading 95% 98% +3%

Reading 95% 94% -1%

individual student needs with tech- nology. “StarrMatica has improved teachers’ teaching skills in the class- room, made learning more fun for kids, and increased our test scores,” said Superintendent Dotson. “Te delivery of education has got to change, and through StarrMatica I saw teachers capturing the atten- tions of their students and deliver- ing curriculum the way students are learning now.”

Math 66% 94%


Math 93%

100% +7%

Math 92% 95% +3%

“StarrMatica has im-

proved teachers’ teach- ing skills in the class- room, made learning more fun for kids,

and increased our test scores,” said Superin-

tendent Dotson.

Visit or scan the QR code to watch videos of Principal Jeff Eeling; Superintendent John Dotson; Fiſth Grade Teacher, Sarah Wright; and Tird Grade Teacher, Andrea Coble discussing their experiences with StarrMatica.


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