This page contains a Flash digital edition of a book.
Constructed response

Activities and games pro- vide opportunities for meaningful, distributed practice and immediate

feedback. A variety of choices assists with differentiation, remediation, and enrichment. Scores are auto- matically recorded.

assessments encourage stu- dents to explain answers. Tests are printed for teacher review.

Password protected answer keys are included.

Web content that has been curated and vetted as ad-free expands

content options exponentially. Content is described, grade leveled, and catego- rized as a learning animation, virtual manipulative (teaching tool), activity, game, or story.

Learning animations with voiceovers can be used to introduce or

review. Interactives for exploring a con- cept, discussion questions, and guided practice questions are built in.

K-2 includes content for 22 ELA

and Math topics. 3-6 includes content for 43 ELA and Math

topics. K-6 content includes over 100 science, social studies, art, and music topics as well as a library of web tools.

100+ Common Core ELA and Math lesson plans are

included. ELA plans include construct- ed response questions and math plans focus on virtual manipulatives.

K-6 Digital Content Library Classroom management

An individualized basic

facts programincludes a bench- mark test which records the facts a student knows and doesn’t know.

When a student works towards mas- tery with a StarrMatica activity, he is presented facts from his list.

accounts record a student’s first attempt and best attempt. Ba- sic facts progress is also tracked.

Teachers, students, and parents can view progress online both at school and at home.

Teachers can drop content into personal ‘digital back-

packs’ to differentiate instruction for individual students with at school and at home access.

Our library of content can be searched by state standards, the Com- mon Core, and seven textbook

curriculums such as Go Math and Everyday Math.

Free professional develop-

Teachers can search our K-6 content library by subject, topic group,

and topic for ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, and Music. All

teachers have access to all content to meet the needs of every child.

ment includes on-demand video tutorials, personalized webinars, a monthly newsletter, and email/

phone support. Paid in-person pd is available.


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