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• Connecting new learning to a stu- dent’s prior experiences and back- ground knowledge

•Giving real-life examples to estab- lish a purpose for learning

•Promoting on-task engaged learn- ing with interactive animations, response required questions, and guided practice

• Incorporating traditional effective learning tools such as manipulatives (base ten blocks, fraction bars, etc.), number lines, time lines, and graphic organizers

•Using questioning strategies to focus student learning, requiring students to draw conclusions, and featuring more than one correct response

•Explaining the theory behind mathematical processes as well as demonstrating specific problem solving procedures with a variety of approaches for finding an answer

•Providing immediate feedback for activities

•Promoting differentiated instruc- tion by providing teachers with tools to use with students at different skill levels

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StarrMatica addresses multi- ple needs with one easy-to-use library.

As a company founded by an edu- cator, we know that school budgets are shrinking. It is imperative that every investment you make be of great value. Instead of being a singularly focused soſtware pro- gram that is only used by individual students on computers, or only

offers multiple choice test prepa- ration, or only shows animated videos, StarrMatica’s content variety provides exponential value through its flexibility.

StarrMatica was designed to help teachers make the most of every piece of technology in their class- rooms including interactive white- boards, projectors, response sys- tems, computers, and tablets.

Our library of content also allows teachers to choose resources that are tailored to every learning set- ting including whole-class, small group, centers, and individual stu- dents both at school and at home.

StarrMatica increases the school to home connection.

Including at-home access is a cornerstone of StarrMatica because involved parents raise student achievement.

Parents who engage children in learning activities together at home have the strongest effect on student achievement, resulting in wider reading and math gains than any other form of parental involvement. 4 Te most effective parental in- volvement programs are those that focus on academics and target spe- cific skills when engaging families at home. 5

StarrMatica makes it easy for teachers to provide at-home shared learning experiences that are tai- lored to a child’s specific needs.

StarrMatica makes locating tar- geted content easy with multiple search opportunities.

Imagine I am a fourth grade teach- er with a student who the data has shown is struggling with a Com- mon Core fractions standard. With StarrMatica, I can use the standards

search to find the standard and im- mediately see a list of 30 resources I could use to address that student’s needs.

Teachers can also search for digital content based on popular textbook curriculums. As a teacher, this allows me to quickly locate inter- active content that matches my school’s chosen curriculum. I can use the content to make my whole class lesson more interactive or to provide additional practice oppor- tunities for students at school or at home with content that directly correlates to that day’s lesson.

A grade, subject, and topic search allows teachers to differentiate in- struction by searching for resources at different ability levels. If I am a third grade teacher developing a lesson on identifying fractions, I can find content that focuses on that specific skill at the second grade, third grade, and fourth grade levels so I can meet the needs of every student in my classroom.

As teachers ourselves, we at Starr- Matica take the extra step to make sure every teacher at your school is able to quickly locate content to meet individual student needs and is comfortable with integrating that content effectively into classroom instruction.

Our assistance is tailored to the needs of each school by evaluat- ing access to technology, teacher technology proficiency, and teacher and administration goals, so we can best help you move from where you are today to where you would like to be in the future.

Contact us for further information and to schedule a quick tour of StarrMatica’s digital content library. 563-219-2111

4 Downey, D.B. “Parental and family involvement in education.” School reform proposals:Te research evidence. Tempe, AZ: Education Policy Unit, College of Education. Arizona State University. (2002) 5 Starkey, P., & Klein, A. “Fostering parental support for children’s mathematical development: An intervention with Head Start families.” Early Education and Development, 11(5), 659-680 (2000)


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