This page contains a Flash digital edition of a book.
XONOMY for a Digital Age

Evil Robots Students cor- rectly name 2-D shapes before being caught by the evil robots.

Batter Up! Students determine a sentence’s figurative language

type. Te faster they answer, the further the hit.

Give the Dog a Bone Students use knowledge of a hundreds square, place

value, and skip counting to find a number.

Who’s Hungry? Students demonstrate their un- derstanding

of the relative size of numbers by comparing amounts.


Tis level includes the skills of explaining, predicting, restating, discussing, outlining, and compar- ing.

Tese activities go one step beyond basic skill building by requiring students to demonstrate compre- hension of a concept.

Here are four examples of digital content for understanding:

Large Addition Regrouping Students demonstrate

their understanding of multi-digit addition with regrouping by adding with manipulatives.

Firefighter! Students identify a main idea in a series

of sentences and construct a para- graph.


Tis level includes the skills of solv- ing, illustrating, showing, classify- ing, and completing. Tese activ- ities require students to use their knowledge in a new situation.

Here are four examples of digital content for applying:

Foam Phonemes Students select foam letters and letter com- binations to create words.

Classifying Lost Animals Students sort animals according to named charac- teristics.

Main Idea Enrichment Students write headlines for short newspa- per articles.


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