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Dr. Auguste v. Bayern studied biology at the German

Ludwig-Maximilans-University in Munich and at the University of Cape Town in South Africa from which she graduated in 2002 with a BSc in Zoology. Since 2008 she has worked as a post-doctoral research associate with Prof. Alex Kacelnik in the Behavioural Ecology Research Group at the University of Oxford. Besides managing the Oxford New Caledonian crow colony and the area of corvid cognition research she also leads the Avian Cognition research team.

Topic: Avian Cognition: Innovative problem solving abilities of parrots and corvids

Morten Bruun-Rasmussen, Denmark, is educated as an engineer and is running a consultancy company in the field of Medical Informatics and Quality Development. Morten is a private breeder of parrots and has kept parrots since he was a small boy and today has than more than 40 years’ experience in breeding parrots. He has made a lot effort to breed the rare Golden -shouldered Parakeet with an estimated breeding population of less than 2,000 birds in the wild.

Topic: What can we learn from scientific studies to improve the breeding of the Golden-shouldered Parakeet?

Rudolf Christian, Germany, started breeding pigeons at the age of 9. He has kept this hobby until today. His great passion for parrots set in more than 40 years ago and in 1973 he bought his first parrot. Until his retirement in 2010 he first was head of department in a wholesale electrical supply company and later he worked as a purchasing agent at Konsum. In 1978 he managed to breed the first offspring of his parrots. Approximately 40 aviaries are occupied at the moment.

Topic: 40 years of experience in breeding parrots and cockatoos

Dr. Carmela P. Española is currently in the faculty of the Institute of Biology, University of the Philippines Diliman. She has been closely involved in wildlife conservation efforts in the Philippines. One of her expeditions resulted in the discovery of the Calayan Rail, a new species of near flightless bird endemic to the island of Calayan in the northernmost tip of the Philippines. She co-founded the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.

Topic: Parrots in crisis in Luzon, Philippines

Dr. Andrea Fidgett, Zoo Nutritionist, Chester Zoo, UK. She has designed multimedia software for teaching animal taxonomy and diet management software for zoos. Based at Chester Zoo since 2002, Andrea contributes to optimal health and welfare of the animal collection by making their diets better, providing a nutrition service to 400+ species ranging from stick insects to Sumatran tigers, and corals to Asian elephants.

Topic: From ingredients to nutrients – a recipe for optimal parrot nutrition

Prof. Carl Jones has worked in Mauritius since 1979 as a conservation biologist. He is an Honorary Professor of Ecology and Conservation at the University of East Anglia and teaches at the Durrell Conservation Academy. In addition to working on species Carl has been closely involved with the restoration of islands by removing the invasive species and then replacing the missing wildlife.

Topic: The restoration of the Echo Parakeet, what lessons have been learnt

William Horsfield lives on a small farm in Assagay, KwaZulu-Natal, Johannesburg, which is where both his breeding facility and home is located. William has considerable experience breeding and raising Black Palm Cockatoos and his presentation will be based on his own results along with those from other breeders in South Africa that have since also had success.

Topic: An overview of the keeping and breeding of Black Palm Cockatoos in South Africa

“Keynote Speaker”

Image donated by the artist Mrs. Ria Winters

Prof. Rob Heinsohn is a research scientist at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University. His 25 year academic career has been marked by long term, and often difficult, field studies of highly social birds and mammals. Since 1997 he has been conducting an ambitious program of field work on three of Australia’s most fascinating animals, the Eclectus parrot, palm cockatoo, and green python of Cape York Peninsula.

Topic: Swift Parrot: challenges of conserving a migratory parrot beset by introduced predators

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