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HEALTH & FITNESS Dundee aquatic facility proves a hit

The number of people in Dundee taking part in swim- ming has jumped by 17.5 per cent, with the boom being attributed to the city’s £31m Olympia development. The swimming centre

opened in June 2013 and has been an instant hit. City fi gures show that between April and December, an average of more than three swimming trips were taken for every person. T e facility, which features

a 50m main pool as well as a wave pool, rapid river, dive pool and four fl umes, attracted more than 8,000 swimmers in its fi rst week of operation. T e jump in numbers helps to highlight the

impact investments in single facilities can have on a wider city, with Dundee reaping far-reach- ing health benefi ts since the Olympia opened. “T e response to the new Olympia has been

really positive, and we are seeing so many peo- ple going along – the staff down there have been really busy at all times,” local councillor Stewart Hunter told the Evening Telegraph. “It is a great facility for Dundee, and it gets people

Swimming participation in Dundee has boomed since Olympia opened

from out of the city coming along too. T e region is benefi ting from it as well, not just the city itself. It’s great that people are taking to it and shows that all the hard work put in has been totally worth it.” T e current Olympia was created in order

to replace an old facility located on East Whale Lane with the positive impact of this new facility helping to raise swimming par- ticipation levels across Dundee by a fifth. Details:

Sugar sin bin strikes chord with club members

A west country gym’s new sugar sin bin has inspired more than 100 mem- bers to dump their sweet treats and seek nutritional advice on how they can embrace a healthier lifestyle. Staff at the club situated at Cadbury

House in Congresbury, Somerset, decided to launch the amnesty in February on the back of a nationwide media backlash against sugar. In Britain, research shows that the

average person consumes about 700g of sugar a week, which is the equiva- lent to 140 teaspoons. Further studies have concluded that added sugar in food and drink is 11 times more potent at causing diabetes than general calories, sparking calls for a crackdown on junk food. In Congresbury, gym staff installed the sin bin

Staff have been pushing the healthy living envelope with their sin bin Take up, according to the gym staff behind

the scheme, has been staggering. “We’ve had a terrifi c response, with over a

at the front of the gym and encouraged mem- bers to dispose of their unwanted (or unneeded) snacks, in return receiving a healthy living advice pamphlet written by the club’s fi tness manager and nutrition graduate Tom Horton. T ey were also allocated a one-on-one consultation session, where a staff member would talk through dietary plans and off er alternative lifestyle suggestions.


100 people taking up our off er,” general man- ager Jason Eaton told Leisure Opportunities. “I think the negative headlines made

people more aware of the dangers of sugar, and then we were well-placed to build on the momentum and help our members to honestly evaluate their diet and lifestyle. Details:

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