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TRAINING OU course delves deep into football business

Te Open University (OU) and Te Football League Trust have teamed up to launch a free online short course offering a unique insight into the business and complexities behind the beautiful game. Te Business of Football will be

available free of charge to the gen- eral public via the OU’s free learning website OpenLearn. Te course will draw on academic perspectives and interviews with those working in football at traditional clubs, such as Chesterfield and new ones, such as MK Dons, with interactive resources that will be offered to participants on a weekly basis. Lectures will analyse how the

The first step to sporting participation

IAN TAYLOR is chief executive at Skills Active

T Sir Alex Ferguson was a master of business in football

football business has expanded to become an influential global network, how power rela- tionships have played a part in shaping this, and what makes working in football com- pletely unique compared to any other business. “Parallels between business and football are

oſten drawn through themes of commitment, motivation, team dynamics and the need for effective leadership and management,” said OU Business School dean professor Rebecca Taylor. “Our course goes one step further and looks at the business of football; a lens through

which to understand the challenges and opportunities of running a commercial and international operation in what is a high-pro- file and oſten volatile industry.” As part of the new tie-up with The

Football League Trust, the OU will also be launching a Business Management (Sport and Football) bachelors degree, in which students can apply business tactics to the global game, selecting business and sports modules to match their career ambitions. Details:

Volunteers set for Tour de France UK leg

Tousands of volunteers are gear- ing up for the ride of their life aſter being selected to become the first ever Tour Makers for the UK leg of the 2014 Tour de France. Tour Makers will operate as the

volunteer force to welcome mil- lions of visitors when the Tour de France’s Grand Départ begins with two stages in Yorkshire on 5-6 July, followed by a third stage from Cambridge to London on 7 July. Official applications have now

been completed and almost 12,000 people have been named as success- ful applicants who will become Tour Makers for the duration of the UK leg of the tour. Te next step for volunteers is to com-

Yorkshire will stage part of the Tour de France for the very first time “Te team are really looking forward to

plete an online event training module before attending motivational training and uniform collection days in May and June. Tour Maker roles include wayfinders at trans-

port hubs, route marshals, flag marshals and crossing marshals along the route. Volunteers will be allocated roles by the TDFHub2014, which is the delivery partner for the entire programme.


working with the Tour Makers and getting to know them over the next few months as they go through the training pro- cess,” said Nicky Roche, chief executive of TDFHub2014. “The standard of applica- tions was incredibly high, and I know that come July we will have a team of incredi- ble, talented Tour Makers ready to welcome the world to Tour de France in the UK.” Details:

Twitter: @leisureopps

he first stage of the All-Party Commission on Physical Activity report: Tackling Physical Inactivity, makes recommendations to

address the harmful levels of inactivity in the UK. The population’s sedentary lifestyles pose a serious threat to health, wellbeing and life expectancy which in turn puts a huge burden on public services. Te study found that only 51 per cent

of children achieve the recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise. Tis figure decreases dramatically by the time they reach adulthood. Only 22.5 per cent of adults perform half an hour of exercise a week; the recommended amount is 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity in bouts of 10 minutes or more. Industry professionals are critical in

addressing this problem at every stage of life. In order to maintain the recom- mended levels of activity into adulthood physical activity, exercise and sport expe- riences must motivate and inspire children. By delivering physical activity for children, professionals have the responsibility to ensure that they arm them with the nec- essary physical literacy from a young age, consequently leading to sustained partici- pation at a later stage of life. In terms of instructing adults, profes-

sionals need to ensure that they regularly update their qualifications and experience to address health issues which are affect- ing much of the population. Rising obesity and physical illiteracy require that exercise professionals keep updating their skillset to manage these challenges which more clients are presenting. Many obese adults with low levels of physical literacy have received medical referrals and have to be taught very basic skills. Te report highlights that, for the first time

in history, the current generation of young people is expected to die five years younger than their parents. It has never been more important to engage today’s young people in physical activity and keep them engaged with the best professional advice which can be found through a professional register.

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