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SPORT Kids not keen on competitive sport

The majority of UK chil- dren would not miss the competitive element of school sport if it was removed, according to a survey by Marylebone Cricket Club and cricket charity Chance to Shine. Te study – which involved

1,000 children who were aged between eight and 16 - showed that 64 per cent of children would be relieved, happier or “not bothered” if all school sport was made non-competitive. The study also surveyed

the children’s parents to estab- lish the nature of their views towards competitive sport. A majority of parents (78 per cent) said they

64 per cent of children don’t see winning as an important aspect of sport

would still watch their children play school sport even if the competitive aspect was removed – despite 84 per cent saying that they would not want to see the winning and losing elements of competition removed entirely. Wasim Khan, CEO of Chance to Shine, said: “It

is worrying to see that so many children would be relieved to see competition removed from sport.

We want to teach children the importance of play- ing sport competitively and fairly and for them to see the benefits that it can bring to their lives.” Last year (July 2013) a cross-party

committee of MPs concluded in a high-profile report that the coalition gov- ernment was putting too much emphasis on promoting competitive sport in schools. Details:

Initiative to train 50,000 ‘sport leaders’

A new community sport ini- tiative aims to train up 50,000 young people as sport leaders, as part of efforts to increase the number of young people taking part in physical activity. Te scheme will be run as

a partnership between Asda Community Life, Sports Leaders UK, ukactive and Spirit of 2012 Trust. It will deliver activities inspired by the athletic achievements and “public spiritedness” of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Young people taking part in

Te initiative was launched with cross-industry support

the initiative will be offered Sports Leaders UK courses and qualifications, with a particular focus on engaging young people who come from areas of socioeconomic deprivation. Te aim is to increase sports leaders’ volun-

teering hours from 640,000 to a million. Te first activities of the three-year initia-

tive will be the Asda Active Sports Days. A total of 400 schools across the country will host flagship sports days, organised and run

Read Leisure Opportunities online:

by local sports leader volunteers, with support from Asda’s local Community Life Champions. The programme is one of the first to be

funded by the Spirit of 2012 Trust, which was established to ensure the values, opportuni- ties and spirit of the London 2012 Games is experienced across the country. Te trust has awarded £1.5m for the scheme, with Asda also making a “significant contribution” to the costs of running it. Details:

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