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12 - April 25, 2014 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs up to three nice people who offered to be witnesses on my behalf when my car was hit in the Hannaford parking lot. It’s nice to know such people still are around.” “Thumbs up to President Obama on his masterful achievement of a ‘reset’ with Russia. Pity it’s a reset back to the Cold War days. Oh, well.” “Thumbs up/Thumbs down. I’m sick and tired of reading how the Democrats are going to save us. I am an Independent, not a Republic. We must work hard. Stop relying on Barack Obama. He lied to us. Stop relying on old Hilary Clinton. She lied about Bengazi. Now after someone lies to you, and you vote for that person, I have a shrink. I’ll give you his name, but I won’t put it in the paper. You can go see him. Semper Fi.” “Thumbs down for Alvirne

School principal for allowing discussions on sex in the classroom in not even a sex-ed class. Sir that is not your business. That is the parent’s venue and not yours. Take your sex talk to your own home and keep it there. School is for the basic fundamentals, and hopefully you are aware of what they are. But just in case you’re oblivious to the facts, it’s math, history, science, languages. Basics. Not some rot put out by the culture rot advocates. Is that clear, Mr. Principle?” “Thumbs down to the person who said Obama is the best President we ever had. Are you kidding me? Your village called; their idiot is missing.” “Thumbs up/Thumbs

down. How is it legal to be a politician and do the bidding of a few wealthy folks for self-gain? Isn’t this what today’s Republican serves? What kind of government do we have if we cannot stop it? Doing nothing is not what people voted for. And folks like the coat brothers should not be able to purchase our government. Don’t we have protection built in our government to stop a hostile take-over by billionaires? Republicans were for the people, by the people and not for people. Today, they rule against it. How is this possible, and legal?” “Thumbs down to the AHS principal for not sticking to the Basic Fundamentals ... i.e., History, English, Math, Science and Foreign languages (not sexuality). Funny, how this topic does not appear on the school website for all to see? Our young adults should not be

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point, we have to think about our own survival - party affiliation notwithstanding. A little more in our pockets might make life a little easier. Or, we can eat less and try to subsist on political platitudes. Time to fight.” “Thumbs down to what our young children and teens have to be subjected to in our schools. Bad behavior (over and over), horrible language with (no consequence) in our classrooms and video sideshows that are personal and not educational. FYI, more than half of our children are not comfortable with this going on right here in Hudson our schools). I made a huge mistake.

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subjected to sexual preference subjects, without parent approval ever. Make sure it does not happen again ... this is my job as a parent to teach my child respect to all.” “Thumbs down. Enough about Benghazi. It’s so 20 minutes ago. Dude, why don’t you and the rest of your cronies simply admit that you hate Obama, always have, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Benghazi. You don’t need Benghazi as an excuse. All you need, and have ever needed, is your own hate, paranoia, and insecurity. Come on, just admit it. The truth will set you free.” “Thumbs down. For those of you railing against an increase in the minimum wage, consider this: there is some new concern about inflation (how has your food bill been the last 6 months?), the overall tax burden in NH compared to other states is low, rents keep going up, housing is increasingly out of reach, but our wages have walked a flat line for years. Oh, by the way, corporate profits are through the roof. At some

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I will vote no the next time and every other time until this town cleans up our schools. Make the parents responsible for their problems. Keep personal preferences to the individual. Not in our schools.” A disgusted taxpaying responsible parent. “Thumbs up to the LMS production of ‘The Big Bad Musical.’ The kids did an amazing job! Thank you Nick Masson and Melissa Masson! What a great job you both did working with the kids.” “Thumbs down to the Hudson Litchfield News Group for even allowing this Thumbs Up/Down column. I realize it is only peoples’ opinion that honestly do not matter but really, it could escalate when people straight out tell lies and deception about their neighbors. If it turned into a slander suit with all the disinformation in this column it is disturbing. Yes, HLN, you would be included for allowing this idiocy.” Regards, Deb Black aka ‘Chopper Man’s Wife’ “Thumbs up to the Hudson PD who will be

doing their jobs and stopping loud motorcycles in accordance with NH Title XXI Section 266:59-a. Quieter motorcycles are a benefit to us all. Loud motorcycles are a benefit to none.” “Thumbs up to seeing Buddy the cat returning to our yard. We missed seeing her all winter. We promise we will not feed her this year if you keep her indoors during the week if you are going to be gone all day. She ‘lived’ here only because she was lonely. Such an adorable and lovable cat. I worry about her being out because she is deaf though. Is that wise?” “Thumbs up to our wonderful boat neighbors that also have motorcycles. You are very nice people who mind your own business and someone keeps harassing you about your boats. They think you are having a business but they do not realize you have multiple boats. Last year they vandalized your motorcycle more than once and repeatedly complained about you. Well, we also have a motorcycle as well as most of the neighborhood. Maybe we should all go to your house and rev our bikes together. They better watch out, we have a neighborhood watch now. God Bless our beautiful neighbors, we love you.” “Thumbs up to the April18th thumbs down on the President going to a fundraising event after his attending a memorial service at Ft. Hood. Of course the fundraising event was already planned for, before the mass shooting, but a moral person would have canceled the fundraising event and stayed at the Memorial Service as the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces. It takes a moral person to do the right thing. Have I said enough?” “Thumbs down to all the cowards

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who will threaten people but won’t sign their names.” Deb Black “Thumbs down. And the Legacy continues. How many talented AHS baseball players have to quit or refuse to play at the Varsity level for the real problem to be addressed? So many formal complaints filed over the years fall on deaf ears. Why? Three plus decades as coach and how many state championships? Time for a change, Alvirne. Time for a change.” “Thumbs up to the Cornhole Tournament on June 21st in Litchfield. I went

to to register and got a great laugh out of the ‘Cornhole Song’ that played on the site. Very funny. Can’t wait to play and win my $500 prize!” “Thumbs up to the woman

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change me. Change starts within.” “Thumbs up to the Litchfield Battle of the Bags Cornhole Tournament! Can’t wait for June 21st to throw some bags and win my $500 prize. Great website also at” “Thumbs up to everyone who attended the most recent Comedy Night in Hudson. Your generosity during the 50/50 raffle was outstanding! It is a great feeling to know that when one of the families of Hudson needs help - the community pulls together. The Jacques Family was touched and very much appreciated the help. Every little bit counts. A ‘special’ thumbs up to Lisa - who won the raffle and donated her half of the winnings back to the family. You are a special lady. It just goes to show there really are angels here on earth amongst us. Thank you all.” “Thumbs up. 16 million thumbs up for Obamacare. That’s two from each successful signee from the first wave of enrollment applicants, with millions more citizens to follow starting this November 15. The legislation has succeeded beyond everyone’s wildest dreams, resulting in the now-dwindling federal deficit and lowered premiums from most of the insurance carriers. And we’ll all watch through election day as Scott Brown and the rest of the Republicans continue flogging the dead horse of anti-ACA sentiment instead of giving up and moving on, spewing even more nonsense about an obviously-working and beneficial policy, while simultaneously not offering a single new idea of their own to improve it.” “Thumbs up to the LMS drama club! Excellent performance of Big Bad- the Musical! Singing and dancing and tons of fun made a great show! Thanks Mrs. Masson, Nick Masson and Corey Sulzen! Without you the kids would not have achieved such a highly entertaining show!” “Thumbs up to the LMS and CHS jazz bands!

The Jungle Boogie was phenomenal! What a great collaboration with Goffstown and all the music directors!” “Thumbs up all the work still being done behind the scenes to make the Zach Field a reality. Who knew there was so much asbestos in Hudson? And than God the state and federal agencies came along to help! No, really, some day

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in Litchfield who voluntarily takes the recycling (plastic and cardboard) that is set aside from the schools and delivers it to the dump’s recycling area every week. She is saving us taxpayers quite a bit of money thanks to her environmental concerns. Otherwise, these materials would be tossed into the school dumpster with everything else and the town would not receive money from the materials recycled.” “Thumbs up to the ‘Cornhole Song’ on the Very funny!” “Thumbs up to D.A.B.D.A – the fives stage of

life. Denial – Darn traffic. Anger – Road rage. Bargaining – Maybe if I change lanes it’ll be better? Depression – oh well… Acceptance – It is what it is. I cannot change you. You cannot

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ask Len Lathrop or Mike Thompkins to tell you all the help they had, and people from all mannaer of agencies that lent a hand to make things progress! Thumbs up!”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Hudson~Litchfield News. During the election campaign, no comments will be allowed that are direct endorsements or censure of candidates on the thumbs page. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

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