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Letters to the Editor It Can Happen To You


t CAN happen to YOU. Tere I was – healthy, happy, living the retirement dream in the Okana-

gan, golfing, hiking, walking the dogs, gardening, eight hours a day outside, enjoying great food, quality wine and good friends; plus visits from children and grandchildren and many friends, trying to stay in shape, with a much slimmer body acquired since retiring, working hard at getting healthier and staying that way. Ten it happens you get a cough . . .

just a dry cough, a little annoying, but persistant. Doctor says: “Let’s check this out.” Tree months and many tests later, a diagnosis, good news right??? Specialists in Kelowna can no longer handle your case. So you go to Vancou- ver to the “big” guys. Yep, the diagnosis is confirmed -- “Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis” Prognosis: two to five years. No cause is known. Te treatment? You are anxious to hear what they are going to do. NOTHING. Tere is no treatment. Perhaps you can get into a “study” for an experimental drug. You go home and return in six months.

Dear Editor: T

he Winnipeg Football Club utilizes over 5000 parking stalls that we “rent” from the University of Manitoba

for our parking requirements for a major event held at the Investors Group Field. I have hired current and former teachers for some of my parking/traffic positions and have found that this core of people are excellent in providing “quality work ethics” and great customer relations. I am hoping to find some retired teachers that might

be interested in some casual employment for the summer and fall. Te position would be to direct vehicles from a traffic

point, or intersection, into a specific lot. Te WFC provides training and safety equipment that complies with Work-

30 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Spring 2014 Six months later, turns out the stud-

ies don’t want you. You are a “special” case. However, you are getting worse. So off to the “Lung Transplant Team, ”who tell you “well, if your disease pro- gresses like it is you will need a trans- plant within two years.” You may be too old for a transplant but you are getting so much worse that you may just get in under the wire. Te alternative is do nothing and wait to die. Now, remember this has all oc-

curred within 12 months. You cannot do the things you did before. But you aren’t in pain. You just move a little slower and need to rest more. Every- one looks at you and says how great you look. But, inside, your body is dy- ing, killing itself actually. Tere is a lot of anguish inside you

but you feel quite lucky to be feeling so well and not having to undergo chemo or worse. You visit your Doctors who by-in-large don’t want to see you. It is no fun treating a patient with a terminal illness for whom you can do nothing! So why am I writing this... To re- mind all of you that life is precious

and can be snatched away very quick- ly. Also to ask? Have you registered as an organ donor in your province? Tat is the only hope for patients like me. People waiting for transplants die every year because not enough organs are donated. Every province has it’s own protocol and system for becoming a donor. In Manitoba, you go online to (only 1% of Manitobans are registered). In BC, go to In Alberta, you must sign the back of your Health Card. In Saskatchewan, you have to put an Organ Donor sticker on the back of your Health Card. In Ontar- io, go to or call “Trillium Gift of Life” network. Te other prov- inces and territories have a variety of ways to become a donor, just look it up online. You may not be able to help me, but

you can help someone who is in a des- perate fight for their life. Remember, it CAN happen to YOU,

It happened to ME. Glenda Waugh

place Safety and Health guidelines. Te hours of work for an event are usually for a 6 - 7 hour shift. Staff will start ap- proximately two hours before a scheduled event and work for approximately one hour after the event is over, guiding vehicles out of their respective lots and onto a major street to head home. I pay $14.00 per hour for parking attendants and $20.00

per hour for supervisors. Tere are approximately 14 - 15 events per season. I am also flexible on providing a night off should an employee have a prior commitment.

Serious inquiries: Kurt Barz, Parking/Security Co-ordinator Winnipeg Football Club

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