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B.U.D. Report Alex Boyes, Benefits

• Premier Travel and Dental Plan Care benefits will remain unchanged.

Tese changes come as a result of the annual review

process, trend analysis, member survey and benefit plan design assessment. Our survey regarding possible new areas of benefit pro-

RTAM Benefits Chair Alex Boyes, Johnson representative Shannon Patershuk, KIT Editor Doreen Sage making the draw for Survey Participation Prize sponsored by Johnson. The winner was Larry Moore, Winnipeg Beach, MB


his brief report will bring you up to date with recent happenings with the Benefits Committee.

Te new rates for the following plans starting April 1, 2014,

have been approved following the February Board Meeting. • Te Extended Health Care (EHC) will remain un- changed for the coming year.

• Dental Care rates will increase by 1.5% • Te Premier Travel Base and Supplementary Plan rates will increase by 5%.

vision provided interesting information. Although the number of respondents was small, there was interest in the areas of enhanced drug coverage, vision care, hearing aids, eye exams, paramedical practitioners and dental im- plants, to name a few. Te survey will be done again in the fall to attempt to garner a broader and more representa- tive data base. I would like to thank all of those RTAM members who

responded and encourage more of you to participate the next time around. Prizes will be again awarded. Te pilot Eldercare project is underway and will contin-

ue into 2015. Depending upon the survey outcomes, a de- cision will be made about the future of the project. Please check our website for all the benefit plans to which you have access.

Notice of RTAM Policy Change (Cont.)

(RATIONALE: This Values and Principles statement describes the essential truths on which we base our work and provides guidelines for how we will operate.)

BYLAW AMENDMENT MOTION #2 (Dawson/Sitter) That (ARTICLE 3 - MEMBERSHIP clauses 3.01 Full Members a) & b) be amended to read: ARTICLE 3 – MEMBERSHIP 3.01 Full Members

The following may be considered a full member (herein defined as member) of RTAM:

a) a certified teacher ADD with five years of teaching experience in receipt of a pension from TRAF or

b) a retired Manitoba-certified teacher ADD with five years of teaching experi- ence who is not eligible to receive a pension from TRAF. Any person qualified for such membership shall become a member upon pay- ment of the set membership fee.

(RATIONALE: This amendment is an effort to tighten up full membership criteria to keep it more in line with what is required by retired teacher organizations in other provinces)

20 n KEEP IN TOUCH | Spring 2014

BYLAW AMENDMENT MOTION #3 (Dawson/Sitter) that ARTICLE 3 - MEMBERSHIP clause 3.05 Associate Membership Fee be amended to read:

ARTICLE 3 – MEMBERSHIP 3.05 Associate Membership Fee DELETE

The annual membership fee shall be the same for full and associate members. REPLACE WITH The annual associate membership fee may be differentiated from the annual full membership fee.

(RATIONALE: This amendment gives the Board the authority to assess a higher fee for associate members who do not have TRAF pensions and therefore require that the RTAM Office manage the collection of yearly membership fees.)

(Dawson/Bornn) that the present Bylaws and Policy committee be authorized to update the RTAM Policy Manual by incorporating the 2014 AGM approved policy changes.

(Dawson/Sitter) that the present Bylaws and Policy committee be authorized to update the RTAM Bylaws Manual by incorporating the 2014 AGM approved Bylaws changes.


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