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BENEFIT IMPROVEMENTS Most respondents identified the need for benefit im-

provements in one or more categories: drugs (27), vision care (23), hearing aids (22), eye exams (17), paramedical practitioners (14), dentures / implants (15), and Premier Travel (13) to name a few. To the key question for renewal purposes “Would you

be willing to pay more monthly benefit premiums for new or improved benefits beyond the level currently provided by the RTAM Voluntary Group Insurance Benefit Plan? 30 answered yes; 24 no. Of the 30 who would be willing to pay more for improved cov-

erage, drugs, vision and hearing aids were indicated improve- ments by 13-17 of respondents; Dental by 6-12 respondents and Premier Travel / Trip Cancellation by 7-11 respondents.

COMMUNICATIONS Communications and awareness of benefit options are

key to informed decision making and financial planning. • 49 of 53 responded YES to the question “Are you happy with the level of communication regarding the RTAM Voluntary Group Insurance Benefit Plan?”

• 33 of the 53 responded YES to the question “Has this survey raised your awareness of the RTAM Voluntary Group Insurance Benefit Plan?”

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS Many participants took the time to add additional com-

ments, adding to the qualitative value of the survey results. Below are some of the general topics and questions raised by respondents: • Review and write articles on annual plan usage. • Warn members that current opinions can change drastically with a change in medical needs.

• Recognize RTAM’s excellent Emergency Medical Trav- el coverage.

• Promote personal electronic submissions (scans or faxes) of receipts for extended health benefits to help out with rising postal costs.

• Provide different base plan trip durations (30, 62, 66) and premium payment frequencies (monthly or single premiums).

• Discount premiums for healthy lifestyle (gym mem- bership) and aging well (living longer and healthier).

• Cover caregiver services. • Increase dental benefits and /or decrease premiums. • Improve ambulance to 100% coverage. • Control rising costs of health, dental and travel at higher ages.

• Change maximum limits on health care to per Family versus per Individual.

• Include the cost of improved benefits in the survey. In summary, the response to the December 2013 survey

has provided RTAM with important feedback on how to improve benefits. Given the importance of a higher level of participation for decision-making and the need to cost out the benefit improvements being considered, RTAM will likely be asking members for more specific input in September 2014 through this survey process. By starting sooner in the plan year review process, the feedback can be more directly reflected in the April 2015 renewal. To view the entire survey, please visit the RTAM website For further questions and plan informa- tion, please call our RTAM office at 204-889-3660 or RTAM’s Plan Administrator Johnson Inc. toll-free at 1-877-989-2600.

The Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba was established by interested retired teachers.



We consider ourselves to be 25 years old this year. Happy Birthday, RTAM!

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