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Iteris completes TxDOT product qualification testing

Iteris has announced its flagship vehicle detection camera, Vantage Vector, suc- cessfully completed a comprehensive qualification process with the state of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Te Vantage Vector is an all-in-one

vehicle detection sensor which com- bines video detection and microwave radar to offer a wide range of capa- bilities, including stop bar detection, advanced-zone detection and sensing that enables advanced safety and adap- tive control applications. Vantage Vector met the qualifica-

tion requirements of both the TO-6291 Video Imaging Vehicle Detection Sys- tem (Intersection Stop Line Detection) and the TO-8000 Radar Vehicle Detec- tion System. “Te TxDOT successful prequalifica-

tion of our Vantage Vector product is a testament to the level of quality prod- ucts and services Iteris provides,” stated Todd Kreter, vice president of Road-

MINNESOTA MnDOT launches website for transportation funding outreach effort

Te Minnesota Department of Trans- portation (MnDOT) last week launched the MinnesotaGo website as part of an ongoing information and outreach effort around Minnesota’s transportation vision and funding needs, now and in the future, says Community News Corp “Minnesota’s transportation sys-

tem is an important component of the state’s economy and quality of life,” said MnDOT Commissioner Charlie Zelle. “We are concerned that if we don’t start working now on how to fund transporta- tion in the future, the system will begin to degrade and affect the state’s economy. It’s not about politics, it’s about arithmetic,” Zelle said. “Our revenue sources are not as strong as they once were and inflation is eating into our buying power. Minne-

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❝ Minnesota’s

MinnesotaGo is part of an extensive outreach effort

sota needs to develop a long-term, sus- tainable funding solution to stay ahead of that inflation and keep our transpor- tation system healthy, ensuring that the system continues to contribute to Min- nesotans’ quality of life in a positive way.” As part of his travels around the state,

Zelle has asked town hall participants about their transportation experiences. “Tere has been very strong support for the idea that we need to pay atten-

transportation system is an important component of the state’s economy and quality of life

tion to the system and make sure that it is not underfunded,” he said. “Businesses across the state are concerned about how they get their products to market and how employees get to work.” Te new website can be found at As part of that website, MnDOT has developed a feedback tool at minnesotago/feedback.html. Citizens can explain their transporta-

tion experiences and needs and voice any concerns. “We know that not everyone can

attend our meetings,” Zelle said. “Te feedback site gives everyone the opportu- nity to tell us how transportation affects their lives. I encourage Minnesotans to give us their opinions.”


way Sensors for Iteris. “Te evaluation conducted by Texas is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Quali- fying for the advanced radar and video detection makes this product suitable for variety of applications at signalised intersections.” Vantage Vector has a unique ability to

effectively address dilemma zone detec- tion on high speed approaches at signal- ised intersections, such as detecting and tracking individual vehicle approach speed and location up to 183 meters from the sensor. A customised dilemma zone is dynamically created for each tracked vehicle and recalculated 10 times per second. Tis creates a vastly superior dilemma zone mitigation than the multiple sets of setback in-ground detectors that was previously the “best” solution. Vantage Vector was released in the

spring of 2012 and has been acknowl- edged for its intersection safety applica- tions and multiple uses.

GridSmart approved by Alabama DOT

Aldis, manufacturer of GridSmart®, the industry’s only single camera tracking solution, has announced its addition to Alabama Depart- ment of Transportation’s (ALDOT) Qualified Product List in the Vehicle Detection section. ALDOT’s Traffic Engi-

neering and Operations Office has completed exten- sive field and laboratory test- ing procedures to confirm GridSmart’s competency as a vehicle detection system. Te single camera GridS-

mart solution is the only video detection product that can be installed and config- ured in less than four hours while providing views of all approaches and the centre of the intersection from a single camera.

GridSmart is an easy to use support tool for in-the-field professionals

“Technology only has

true value when the total cost of ownership makes it accessible to all who need it,” said Bill Malkes, Aldis Co-Founder. “No one knows how to manage their roads and intersection better than the men and women already in the field. GridSmart is an easy-to-use tool designed to support those profession- als, and we are thrilled to be delivering it in the great State of Alabama.”

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