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MARKET INTELLIGENCE News review ITSA ITS America announces the ITS World Congress Hall of Fame inductees

Te ITS world has recognised the 2013 ITS World Congress Hall of Fame inductees from the Americas, Europe and Asia representing the high-tech transportation community across the categories of Industry, Local Govern- ment and personal Lifetime Achieve- ment. Tis was the first year in which the

ITS World Congress Hall of Fame awards honoured not only distinguished individuals, but also achievements by industry/academic institutions and local governments. Tis year’s awards were presented at the recent 20th ITS World Congress in Tokyo, Japan. From the Americas, the 2013 ITS World Con- gress Hall of Fame Lifetime Achieve- ment award was presented to Harry Voccola, formerly senior vice president of NAVTEQ. “For more than 30 years, Mr Voccola

has devoted significant professional and personal resources to support the ITS movement,” said ITS America President and CEO Scott Belcher. “He was a found- ing member of ITS America in 1991, a participant on the ITS America board for several years and was elected chair of the ITS America Board of Directors in 1997.

FLORIDA New ITS sytem for Northwest Florida

Florida Department of Trans- portation (FDOT) will begin work next week on a US$24m ITS network in Northwest Flor- ida. Te network will include 183 traffic cameras, 17 overhead message signs, 135 microwave vehicle detectors, 40 travel time sensors, three road and weather information sensors and eight highway advisory radios. Construction crews will begin

with the installation of the fiber optic infrastructure for the high speed communication net- work along a 158-mile section


of I-10 from State Road 87 in Santa Rosa County to US 90 in Gadsden County. Te network will also extend 56 miles along US 231 from the Alabama State line to Bay County. Installation will begin at the I-10/US 231 interchange and proceed east and west along I-10 and north and south on US 231. In addi- tion, a new regional transporta- tion management centre will be established at the FDOT District Tree headquarters in Chipley. Te ITS network will provide a platform of technologies that

will greatly improve incident response times. Personnel will be better able to detect inci- dent locations and severity, and ensure all needed emergency responders and equipment are dispatched to an incident scene. Te overhead message signs and highway advisory radios will alert travellers as they approach an incident and allow them time to seek an alternate route. Most of the fibre optic infrastructure installation will take place off the roadway and impacts to traffic will be minimal.

Among the Hall of Fame inductees were T Russell Shields (fourth right) and Risto Kulmala of the Finnish Transport Agency (third right), author of this issue’s IBEC column

Mr. Voccola personifies achievement in the ultimate standards of a lifelong career dedicated to organisational and thought leadership contributing to the vision of intelligent transportation systems.” Receiving this year’s first-ever World

Congress Hall of Fame Lifetime Indus- try Award from the Americas was Econolite Group, Inc. Presented with the ‘Industry Award’ during yesterday’s Opening Ceremony, Econolite CEO Mike Doyle accepted the award in hon- our of the company’s innovative work helping customers realise new ITS capa- bilities with Centracs Advanced Trans-

❝ Harry

Voccola has devoted significant professional and personal resources to support the ITS movement

portation Management System. To date 120 systems have been deployed that are scheduled to control more than 20,000 intersections throughout the US and help alleviate heavy demands on trans- portation management, security, and control. Lastly, OregonDOT’s Office of Inno-

vative Partnerships and Alternative Funding, was the America’s Local Gov- ernment Awardee for its Road Usage Charge Pilot Program (RUCPP). Te Oregon RUCPP is focused on

helping Oregon stop the recent and long-term reduction in available trans- portation funding as a result of the con- tinuing decrease in gas tax revenues and help the state achieve a greater degree of financial sustainability. Te pilot program also provides a

more sustainable model for State DOTs, transit agencies, and MPOs for fund- ing transportation improvements-- including ITS. It also represents a more equitable approach for obtaining trans- portation funding – charging drivers based on their actual usage of the road- ways rather than on the amount of fuel they purchase, which is no longer a rea- sonable metric for this use.


by ITSA ITS America has recognised the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Trans- portation Authority for implementing the Metro Countywide Signal Priority Program, the largest implementation of innovative multi-jurisdictional transit signal priority technology in the United States. Te program has been adopted by

six area transit providers and has been deployed in nearly a third of the 89 jurisdictions in Los Angeles County, with plans for expansion to include 500 intersections in 32 different jurisdic- tions by 2014.

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