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FATHER’S DAY Being a great role model

All kids need role models, and there’s nothing quite as heart-warming for a mum as the knowledge that their kids have a father figure worth looking up to. We know you’re not perfect, but all the stuff you do to set an example to our kids really means the world to us. You might think you’re ‘just being a dad’ but we think you’re going the extra mile, and that matters. My friend Krystle split from her little boy’s father and met her new partner when her son was just two. They’re now the best of friends, and she loves the wholehearted way her new hubby has taken on the step-dad role. “The best bit about their relationship is the unwavering support he shows my son; emotionally but also when it comes to discipline, plus being a role model and the all-important business of helping to keep him fed, clothed, warm and happy.”

Teaching the kids how to gang up

against Mum Let’s get one thing straight, we are NEVER going to admit this to you in front of the kids, but you know those times when you roll your eyes in our direction with the kids, or gently encourage them to gang up with you against us? We might act exasperated but secretly? We love it. My friend Estelle has three kids, and points

out that being a great dad isn’t always about a biological role. “My partner Shane is a wonderful stepdad, and regularly spends more quality time with my youngest than I do these days,” she says. “He’s the one tucking her in - which usually means larking around doing puppet shows with the soft toys - and they definitely get together to gang up on me sometimes. And yes, I love it. Sometimes the biological link can be much less important than the love and care that good dads lavish on their kids.”

made MAY / JUNE 2014

My daughter Annabelle even calls her dad her ‘play-area’!

© ANDREY KUZMIN - FOTOLIA.COM ” Lightening the load

From pulling your weight with night feeds to taking the kids to the park so that we can go for a long, luxurious soak in the bath alone, we love you for all the ways you offer your support to us, as well. Mum of two Gail says her husband was a wonder when their kids were little. Not only did he regularly take their boys off on fishing trips or to the park to play football so that Gail could have a breather, but he showed “endless patience” with their kids too, she says. We might not always acknowledge that you’ve got those kind of qualities by the bucketload - which we might lack - but we do notice it, and we think you deserve more credit. Throw in a hug or three for us as well on a

daily basis, and you’re practically in the running for Father of the Year. “You can’t beat having someone there to give you a hug when you’ve had a long, hard day


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