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Festival Rules

1. All games will be played in accordance with the current rules of the English Rugby Football Union. Mini/junior rugby continuum accepts that there will be no conversions in age groups where these are usually permitted.

2. It is the responsibility of participating clubs that all players have current RFU registration cards to ensure that insurance requirements are met. Registration cards may be inspected at registration. Challenges regarding the eligibility of any player on the grounds of age must be made by team officials before the start of any game and if that player is unable to provide a definitive proof of age, he/she must be withdrawn for the rest of the festival.

3. Participants are reminded of their responsibilities with regard to child welfare. If at any time they believe that child welfare might be compromised they should immediately advise the festival control point. Recorded images (photos, videos etc) may only be taken during the festival using equipment certified under the HRFC photography policy. A facility to do this will be available at the control point.

4. Squad and player numbers for each age group are as follows: Under 7 Under 8

Under 9/10 Under 11 Under 12

Team of 4 Team of 6 Team of 9 Team of 12 Team of 13

5. Match duration will be as follows:

Under 7/8s 5 minutes each way, maximum of 5 games = 50 minutes (total playing time).

Under 9/10s 6 minutes each way, maximum of 5 games = 60 minutes (total playing time).

Under 11/12s 7 minutes each way, maximum of 5 games = 70 minutes (total playing time).

6. 7.

All clubs will be required to provide a referee for the matches indicated in the programe/running order and in line with RFU guidelines, these referees should have attended an appropriate course.

Where there are 6 teams or less in a particular age group, the festival winner will be the winner of the league competition; there will be no final as such. 2nd and 3rd in the league to win the shield and plate.

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Squad of 10 Squad of 12 Squad of 13 Squad of 17 Squad of 18

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