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Maine Coastal News FREE Two Lobster Boat Races Cancelled and other Changes

Andrew Johnson's WHISTLIN' DIXIE and Tom Clemons' 4 GIRLS competing last year at the Merritt Brackett Lobsterboat races at Pemaquid.

ROCKLAND – There is just two and a half months before the fi rst race of the 2014 Maine Lobster Boat Racing season begins at Boothbay Harbor on 14 June. However there are some major changes with two races cancelled, a new points race, and a change in the Gasoline Classes.

The biggest news this year was the canceling of the Friendship and Harpswell races. Both cited problems with fi nding organizational help and trying to get an adequate amount of prizes. Another consideration was the cost racers are paying for diesel fuel to get to each of the races. Unfortunately both of these venues were points races however on the up side this may increase participation at other venues. At the annual meeting back in October Bass Harbor agreed to become a points race. This now, with the loss of Friendship and Harpswell, just eight points races on the circuit: Boothbay Harbor, Rockland, Bass Harbor, Moosabec, Searsport, Stonington, Winter Harbor and Portland. Both Pemaquid and Long Island remain non-points races. It was also decided at that meeting to change the number of races counted for the year-end awards. The number of races to qualify for these awards will remain unchanged at three. However the decision was to go from a total of fi ve races counted to six. With the loss of Friendship and Harpswell it was decided to go back to the original number and count only fi ve races.

Another consideration that has been discussed, but not voted on is those that go a long distance to a race only to have it cancelled. Some of the boats travel hours, and at great expense, to get to a venue and if it is cancelled they have nothing to show for it. One thought is to award them last place plus one. For example, if they do not return and three boats race in their class they would be given a fourth place fi nish when the fi nal year-end results are tabulated. This just seems to be the fairest way to handle the situation.

At the awards banquet the slate of

officers were listed as president, Jon Johansen; vice president, Travis Otis; Lisa Kimball, secretary; Rachel Elward, treasurer. No one else was interested in running for any of the offi ces so the slate was accepted as submitted and all voted in favour.

There were no rules changes made, but one that will be enforced more diligently will be disqualifying those with people outside the cockpit. No one will be allowed on the bow, on the house or hanging over the side, everybody must be in the cockpit. If someone was to ever fall overboard and there was a boat behind them that did not see them go into the water and ran them over, it would be the end of lobster boat racing. This will be enforced by the start boat and racing offi cials on the course.

Last year we made a change to the

Gasoline Classes, and did so again this year. There were a couple of boats that came out and raced in Gasoline Class C that were strictly race boats. It was decided, after some discussion, that Gasoline Class C would be for working boats only. The defi nition of a working boat is that she is used to make your living. For the last several years there has been no one in Gasoline Class D and this was changed so that the non-working boats could run in this class with engines “up to 540 cid.” The Gasoline Classes will now be: Class A, Four and Six Cylinder, 24 feet and over

Class B, V8, Up to 375 cid, 24 feet and over

Class C, V8, 376 to 502 cid, 24 feet and over

Class D, V8, 376 to 540 cid, 24 feet and over, non-work boats

Class E, V8, Over 502 cid, 28 feet and over, Turbos/superchargers

Following the meeting at the Forum the Maine Lobster Boat Racing Hall of Fame met. This committee is: Sari Bunker, Brent Davis, Bruce Engert, Jon Johansen, Wayne Rich, and Nick Wiberg. In 2012 Gus Alley; Benny Beal; Isaac Beal; Merle Beal; Richard Duffy; Jerry Farrin; Will Frost; Corliss Holland; Ernest Libby, Jr.; Young Brothers (Arvin and Arvid) were all placed in. In 2013: Andrew Gove; Fred Lenfesty; Brian Robbins; Lewis

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Stewart and David Taylor received the honour. This year only three would be going in and there were a number of great names tossed around. The fi nal decision was not easy but placed in this year was Calvin Beal, Jr., Jim Preston and Sidney Eaton. Calvin Beal, Jr. has been racing since

organized racing returned to Moosabec Reach in 1963. He is also the designer of some of the most successful racers over the last 50 years.

Sidney Eaton is from Deer Isle and has been racing since the 1980s. Some of the boats one might remember is the LIL’ JAN, TERMINATOR and KIMBERLY BELLE. One of the best stories about Sid happened at Pemaquid. He was racing the Holland’s RED BARON and in the fi nal race of the day to see who had the fastest boat, Sid won. However the Hollands proceeded to chase him around the harbor as Glenn Crawford disappeared below. A couple of years ago I asked Sid about this and he said ‘you know why they thought I had nitrous, they gave me the bottle!’

Now some will not know the name of Jim Preston of Rogues Bluff, but he made quite a name for himself with the Ernest Libby Jr. designed and built MARGUERITE G. in the 1970s. He won the World’s Fastest Lobster Boat four times. This boat would later be owned by Wayne Beal and Glenn

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