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One Voice Spring 2014 Edition 27


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Fromthe Editor

A Happy New Year to you all. Let’s hope the wet weather is behind us now and we can all enjoy a warmand sunny spring. The bulbs are coming through, the birds are singing and the longer days are here.

My family and I have settled into our newly adapted bungalow and it’s wonderful to be back home. Everything is somuchmore accessible and it’s great to be able to prepare and cook ameal and have everything in reach including the ovens! The wet roomis heaven.

In this edition we celebrate the official opening of the Boardwalk and we share our aimof building a Boardwalk Retreat which will benefit all centre users. The winners of the Photography Competition are announced, and Toni Abramtells us about how you can get involved in “The Sunflower Project”.

NMC clients share their experiences of going through the Transition process and in the second part of using walking aids, clients share their experiences of using walking sticks and crutches.

The Chapman family share their travels to Portugal and there’s photos from the NMC MuscleWeek Challenge that took place a few weeks ago.

We share in the profile of Hannah Langford, secretary to the NMC Trustees and there’s information about how you, your family and / or friends could volunteer for NMC this year.…

Thank you for your positive comments about One Voice. Please keep sharing your experiences so that we can all help each other.

Enjoy the Spring, and please enjoy using the Boardwalk. Have a great Easter.

Best wishes,

★ Inside

• NMC Boardwalk i s ready!

• T rans i t ion • Walking Aids

• Photography Compet i t ion Winner s

• Inspi r ing Other s

• Por tugal – Anne Chapman

• The Sunf lower Project

• Volunteer for NMC

Photography Competition

Winners announced!! See pages 12 and 13

• Prof i le – Hannah Langford

• Diary Dates

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