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Tips for selling lawn care products this spring/summer

Jayne Hall, Senior Brand Manager at Westland Horticulture talks us through the lawn care products available to consumers this spring/summer

To get a lush green lawn you can really sink your feet into, it’s worth consumers investing a little time over the coming months to ensure it looks great and can be enjoyed for the rest of the season. When consumers walk into garden centres,

the range of lawn care products on offer can be quite daunting. With this in mind, it helps to segment the lawn care category into three clear stages: create, maintain and enhance. This can be done either through block merchandising products into different physical areas, or verbally through POS and sign-posting, but for ultimate results both these methods should be executed in parallel. The following tips, from Westland Horticulture, will help your consumers realise their summer-garden dreams.

Create If a lawn has bare patches consumers will need to tackle these fi rst. They should pick a dry day, remove stones and other debris from the soil and rake the area to create a fi ne, level base. Then mark the area into metre square sections using garden canes and plant a fast-acting lawn seed. By scattering half of the lawn seed over the area and then apply the rest at a different angle they will be able to achieve a natural result. The seed will germinate quickly and is best sown between March and April avoiding hot, dry periods. It’s a good idea to merchandise professional lawn spreaders in your store alongside the lawn seed offer, to encourage shoppers to trade up and buy partner products simultaneously. All of Westland’s lawn seed range features a special blue dye which acts as a bird repellent so your customers will have the reassurance that birds will not ruin all their hard work!

Maintain If your customers start to notice weeds and moss, they should take action immediately with a weed and moss killer. Westland’s Aftercut All in One is ideal for this and also features lawn feed to green the lawn at the same time. Moss will blacken and die within days and weeds will be controlled within three weeks. Rake out the dead weeds and moss, then re-seed any bare patches. If an established but patchy lawn is the

problem, and most lawns do have bare patches from time to time, the quickest


and easiest way to fi x the affected areas is with lawn patch fi x that contains a blend of lawn seed, feed, seeding soil and pet urine neutraliser to get the best possible patching results, but without causing harm to pets.

Enhance All plants need feeding to perform at their best and the lawn is no exception. To ensure it can take whatever your customers throw at it, they should apply a lawn conditioner throughout the season after mowing. Westland’s Aftercut 3 Day Green Even-Flo spreader is perfect and customers will start to notice the effect in just three days. Westland Horticulture produces a range

of lawn-care products, including the award- winning Aftercut Even Flo range, which features All In One, Patch Fix and 3 Day Green, Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed, Surestart Fast-Acting Lawn Seed, Weed & Moss Killer. Apply a lawn conditioner throughout the season after mowing.

CONTACT Jayne Hall

Senior Brand Manager 08700 663 566

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