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na tional gar den gift v oucher scheme Voucher Scheme

always working on efficiencies and hope to consistently get the standard 12 days lower in the not too distant future”, Tony assured us.

"Members are provided with

free POS to back promotions"

The redemption of vouchers tends

to go through peaks and troughs and like the rest of the industry is extremely weather dependent. “On a rainy day, reduced amounts come through, but this soon changes following the first sunny weekend when high proportions of members send their vouchers back. They literally arrive in the office in sacks and it is critical that every voucher is

accounted for”. We then asked if they

have had any issues with fraud, to which Tony replied “No, touch wood. We’re doing well on that front, but we do have a disaster recovery plan, just in case something ever came about. Interestingly, our

voucher is one of the most secure on the market. We’ve got thermo chromic ink on it, and watermarked paper

Garden Gift Card

The HTA launched the Garden Gift Card in October 2011 which is available through supermarket/high street malls such as those found in Sainsbury’s, WHSmiths and Tesco. Tony added “we found that young people do not really go into garden centres, but they buy all their gifts for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day in supermarkets, so by putting this product in supermarkets we would lower the age of people buying gardening gifts,

that’s licenced only to the vouchers. There are also various other aspects of security that make it very safe.” The HTA’s hopes and

plans are always to sell more vouchers, because that brings more people back into garden centres and an increased level of footfall. Tony told us that the next 12 months are going to be spent focusing on reinvesting money in the all-important

which we have done”. According to the UK

Gift Card & Voucher Association the Garden Gift Card is the fastest growing gift card in the UK and last year the HTA increased distribution tenfold. “Last year was our fi rst year with all of our major distribution channels up and running”, Tony announced, “and it was our fi rst million pound year for the Garden Gift Card. It’s grown steadily, which is fantastic. You’d think that it

means a great deal of effort and time spent

industry promotions that they create. The fact that National

Garden Gift Vouchers can be posted anywhere in the UK makes them a popular gift choice. “If mum wants a bag of compost, for example, it would be near impossible to send it across the country, and that’s why a lot of people think that the gift vouchers are more practical in that respect.”

getting the cards into the many thousands of supermarkets around the country, but Tony told us about the two companies called InComm and Blackhawk that own all the card malls within the big retailers, so there’s only those two companies they have to talk to in order to get the cards in the right place. “That aspect of it is relatively easy”, Tony said. This scheme has proved to be successful, and has grown a lot in a fairly short space of time and is helping to reach new consumers.

CONTACT Tony Stacey

Marketing Manager

The Horticultural Trades Association 0118 930 3132


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