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Recycled Christmas Cards

Many thanks to everyone who recycled their Christmas cards in the box outside Mermaid House.

I had a great response and filled eight carrier bags - last year I had six bags, so I think a few more people put theirs in this year, which is great.

This year I am taking them to Marks and Spencer's to help the Woodland Trust turn festive waste into woodland, and plant native trees.

M&S is committed to planting one tree with the Woodland Trust for every thousand Christmas cards brought into store. Last year, more than eightmillion cards were collected in- store, helping to plant over eight thousand extra trees during 2012. The Woodland Trust planted these trees across

the UK, largely with the help of local communities, school children, farmers, universities and local councils.

It was estimated that a billion Christmas cards could have ended up in bins this Christmas. As the UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe, with just 13% woodland cover compared to the European average of 44%, the public’s support of the M&S scheme is vital.

Unlike most doorstep recycling services, the M&S scheme not only ensures that vast quantities of cards are recycled, but also supports the Woodland Trust by paying for thousands of extra trees to be planted in the UK each year.

Joanne Mathieson from the Woodland Trust said, “We are delighted that M&S is continuing to run its highly successful Christmas Card Recycling Scheme this year. If we each drop off just seven cards at our local M&S shop in January, the Woodland Trust will be able to plant an extra ten thousand trees in 2013. By recycling festive cards we are not only helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, we are also helping the Woodland Trust to continue its vital work in creating new woodlands, and preserving the habitat of thousands of UK species.”

For the first time, M&S has also introduced a voting mechanism on its Plan A website, allowing people to vote for where they would most like to see more trees planted. Customers can now go to and pick their preferred region. The more votes a region gets, the more trees will go in the ground there, so why not place your vote and get a few more trees for Devon?

I think I must have well over a thousand cards, so we will have at least one tree from Sheepwash, so well done!

Chris Vincent

Femme Fatale Femme Fatale is a film made about twenty years ago on location in Sheepwash.

As a relative newcomer to the village I was intrigued to hear that a film had been made here and would like to know more. As it was a “made for TV” production I cannot source a copy of the film, so I would be really interested if anyone has a copy they could loan me. It doesn’t matter if it’s in VHS format, we have the technology to copy it to DVD.


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