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There are lots of things happening over the next couple of months. Meeting in the Village Hall About the Village Hall

After many years as Chair of the Village Hall Committee and due to ever-increasing work and domestic commitments, Vinnie has resigned. We’re very grateful to him for all that he’s done – during his time as Chair many improvements have been made to the Hall.

We now need to appoint a new Chairperson and elect some new Committee members, and this will take place at a meeting on Monday 18th February at 6.30 p.m. in the Village Hall.

The Committee should consist of: A Chairperson A Secretary A Treasurer

Other Committee members with interests, skills or enthusiasms relevant to the activities and potential activities held in and associated with the Village Hall

The Secretary/Treasurer of the Snooker Club, as an ex-officio member

Vacant Vacant

Alison Ansell Simon Crossley, Vacancies

Charles Inniss If you would like to be nominated for a place on the Committee, please let us know.

Our main concern at present is to identify new activities that could take place in the Hall so that it is used much more than it is at present.

So, after the new Committee members have been elected, we would like to continue the meeting and discuss ideas about how the Village Hall can be used in the future, including:  Regular activities (A weekly or monthly club meeting?)  Occasional activities (A games night? A performance from a local band/music group?)

 Commercial activities (Could you run a part-time business from the Hall? Do you need temporary extra space? Hold a Tupperware party?)

 Private bookings (A birthday party? Rehearsal space for musicians/actors?)

 Ideas on improving the Hall (Flexible decorations available, to make it more “cosy” or more glamorous? Movable features, to make the space more flexible?)

Everybody in the Parish is welcome to come to the meeting. The more people who come, the better, so please come along and put forward your views.

In future we intend to have regular meetings (three or four a year), which will be publicised and open to everyone.

If you need further information or have any queries, please contact Alison at The Glebe, call 231196 or email, or email Simon at

Simon Crossley Committee Member

Alison Ansell Treasurer


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