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Sheepwash Snooker Club Minutes of the AGM held on 20th January 2013

Present: Bob Allen, Charles Inniss, John Harris, Ray Hearn, Trevor Street, Nigel Hutchings, Dave Powell, Ross Powell, Joe Bray, Julien Bray. Last Meeting Minutes of the last AGM were read and approved. There were no matters arising. Treasurers Report The excess of expenditure over income (£328.09) was due to the huge increase in the cost of electricity. Election of Officers and Committee The following were re- elected: Chairman: Ross Powell Secretary/Treasurer: Charles Inniss

Committee members: Trevor Street and Bob Allen, who would both be responsible for league and club competitions.

The Secretary/Treasurer will represent the Snooker Club on the Village Hall Committee. Subscriptions and Meter Charging These will remain the same. Membership Membership is currently 33. All members should try to recruit at least one new member. Club Equipment

The table cloth has been renewed and recently stretched, and the table levelled. Ironing of the table will continue to be the sole responsibility of Bob Allen, and the table will only be brushed by members with the know-how.


The Secretary will place a copy of the club rules on the notice-board. No dogs (or indeed any animals) are allowed in the Snooker Room. Heating

Members will experiment with the night storage heaters, to try to reduce the cost. The Secretary will monitor the meter. League and Club Competitions

This winter the club has entered three teams in the local league. No club competitions were arranged in 2012: hopefully this will be rectified in 2013. Visitors

Members were reminded that visitors should sign the visitors’ book, and pay £2. Herbie willmake a box for visitors’ money. There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.00 p.m.

Deadline for the next issue

Remember, please get all your contributions to one of us by 22nd March, to ensure it is included in the April (Spring) issue.


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