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Editorial – Your Chronicle Still Needs You!

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on our last issue, and an even bigger thank you to all who have sent us contributions for this one!

Remember, we need your input to make the Chronicle what you want it to be. You can do this in lots of ways:

 Give us your news – what has happened since the last issue, and what will be happening in the next few months. We want to hear about special birthdays, anniversaries, new arrivals and departures, forthcoming events - anything and everything that is of interest to you and/or your neighbours. We cannot hope to rival Jill and Paulette’s knowledge of Sheepwash life, so we need your input!

 Send us a contribution. We don’t want your money! We do want interesting articles, photographs, drawings, cartoons, jokes, puzzles, poems, and stories – anything that will help to make the Chronicle a “good read”.We accept contributions on paper, electronically, or even verbally!

 Write a regular column. We would love to hear from anyone who would like to write a regular column on a hobby such as gardening or cooking, or country diary notes, or observations on village life, or anything else which will give our readers practical advice, or just bring a smile to their faces.

 Give us your feedback. For years the Chronicle has been something we’ve all looked forward to receiving and reading, and we want to keep it that way, and make it even better. We can only do that if you tell us what you think of it, and give us your ideas.

We will both be delighted to hear from you. Our contact details are on the back cover, so please get in touch. The deadline for contributions for the next issue is 22ndMarch, but the earlier you get them to us the better!

The Cover Photo

The cover photo was taken by Chris at the end of East Street last Winter. If you take any good photographs this Winter, please send them to us – we’d love to use them on next year’s cover!

The next cover will be for the Spring issue, so if you have any photographs that you think may be suitable for that cover, please send them to us. We can’t promise to use yours, but we will give you an honourable mention if we do!

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Seasonal Recipes

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Dates For Your Diary

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