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If anyone has any memories or anecdotes about the film or the filming process that they would like share please contact me on 01409 231606 or email

Provided I get some interesting information (or even if I don't) I hope to write a piece about the film for the next Chronicle.

Val Mathews

A Long Journey For Our Old Chairs Having got some lovely new chairs for the Village Hall, I decided to try and sell the old ones for a bit of extra cash for the Hall, rather than give them away.

I managed to sell them on Ebay for £70, and now it turns out that the old, rather sad looking, uncomfortable chairs are heading over to Ghana!

The person who bought them sent two people to collect them fromOxford. He is gathering 500 chairs from all around the country and then shipping them to Ghana, so it's nice to know that the unloved old Sheepwash chairs are now going to be put to good use in another country.

Chris Vincent

Anyone for sea fishing? Before moving to Sheepwash, it was a great passion of mine to go out on a boat for a day’s fishing. It didn’t matter too much about the weather - as long as the skipper decided it was safe to go, I went! I tried to get out at least once a month if I could - sometimes it could mean twice in a week, other times no trips for weeks on end.

I was fortunate living where I did, in that there was a very good skipper who believed in reserving a lot of trips expressly for individuals, rather than a whole boat charter. This meant that I didn’t need to belong to an angling club in order to get afloat, and the skipper got a large amount of repeat business from his regulars, both locally and from afar.

From the research I’ve done so far, that seems to be the exception rather than the rule for this area - although there are plenty of ports to choose from, most skippers want you to charter the whole boat. That is fine if there is a group of people keen enough, but not for an individual who’s longing to get out there, which brings me nicely to the point!

I know there are a few of you who would like an occasional boat trip, but just how many? If there are enough of you, I would be more than willing to act as co-ordinator and organise a few days out. I appreciate that there may be some of you who would be less keen during the winter months - don’t worry, I take that as a given!

If you’re interested, please let me know. You can get me at The Whins in East Street, by email at, or phone or text on 231542 or 07717 796769.

Tight lines! Pete Reader

Deadline for the next issue

Remember, please get all your contributions to one of us by 22nd March, to ensure it is included in the April (Spring) issue.


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