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Welcome to this special edition of Volga-Dnepr Group’s Car

Supermarket magazine which is devoted to our work for the oil and gas industry.

In 1991, when we operated our first commercial flight using the An-124-100 freighter – the world’s largest series- produced cargo aircraft – our strategy was very much based on the difference we knew we could make in important and thriving industry sectors like oil and gas.

Until the arrival of Volga-Dnepr and its fleet of An-124s, the only transportation solution for outsize and heavyweight cargo for oil and gas customers involved surface movements using road transport, sea and rail. Often, even the most urgent deliveries could take days and weeks to arrive at oil and gas sites, while locations surrounded by difficult terrain or the lack of basic infrastructure, were virtually unreachable.

The sheer size and unique operating capability of the An-124 changed everything. Not only can the aircraft carry heavy and outsize cargoes beyond the capability of other mass produced aircraft, it carries its own handling equipment onboard and can land at remote airfields as well as major international airports. And the aircraft is supported by a team of international air logistics specialists who make the seemingly ‘impossible’ now possible.

Our work is still highly specialised and highly valued by the customers we work with. To date we have successfully

operated 1,100 flights in support of major oil and gas projects across the globe, carrying nearly 75,000 tonnes of equipment and supplies. Our capability is no better demonstrated than by our work in Papua New Guinea in 2013, which is reported in this magazine.

Volga-Dnepr’s business, however, is no longer just about the An-124. In fact, it’s no longer just about air cargo.

We offer customers a ‘cargo supermarket’ on service options that ensures we can always deliver the best and most cost efficient solution to every request. This may mean using the An-124, IL-76TD- 90VD, Boeing 747, Boeing 737 or AN-12 freighters in our own fleet or sourcing other aircraft to achieve the best outcome for our customer.

With the launch of our Engineering & Logistics Centre, you can now choose Volga-Dnepr Group to project manage your most complex logistics challenges from end-to-end or ask our specialist team to help with a specific aspect of the solution you need. This can include route surveys, cargo inspection, design and manufacture of special transport frames and packaging, the use of all modes of transport, mobile cranes, dealing with documentation, customs and security, and cargo handling.

When you need us, we’ll be ready for action.

DENNIS GLIZNOUTSA Vice President, Development

What we do means our customers are able to focus on what they need to do, knowing they are working with a proven and trusted transportation and logistics partner with over 23 years of experience.

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