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Take charge of your future and plan who is going to deal with your affairs if you are no longer able to.

A Lasting Power of Attorney covers:

Property & Finance Health & Welfare


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Don’t leave it too late - put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place now for possible use in the future!

The issues surrounding protecting ourselves in the future can be complicated and you should seek expert legal advice before proceeding.

What are Lasting Powers of Attorney and Advance Decisions?

A Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) is a key legal document that helps to protect your financial interests and welfare when you are no longer able to do so yourself. An Advance Decision (AD), or Living Will, sets out your wishes in regard to future healthcare for the time when you can no longer communicate those wishes yourself. They are not only for the elderly or infirm, an incapacitating accident can happen to any of us whatever our age…

The benefits of LPA’s and AD’s

An LPA allows you to appoint someone you trust to look after your financial affairs and welfare when you aren’t able to. The alternative is a deputy appointed by the Court of Protection who might not even know you. An LPA allows you to set restrictions and give guidance on the use of the authority given.

There are two distinct types of LPA

While you may be healthy and in full control of your affairs now, there may come a time in the future, either through an accident or ill health, when you need assistance to make important financial decisions.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a powerful and vital legal document to have in place. Should you be deemed to lack the mental capacity to make decisions and have no LPA in place, your financial assets can be frozen.


The first form of LPA gives authority to someone you trust to take financial decisions on your behalf. You can give them this authority whilst you still have the capacity to manage your own affairs, in case something should happen in the future, or when you begin to feel that you need assistance.

Health and Welfare

The second gives authority to people to make health and welfare decisions on your behalf. This authority can only be active after you have lost the capacity to make those decisions for yourself. It might include giving or refusing consent for particular types of healthcare, determining whether you should continue to live in your own home, perhaps with help or support or whether residential care might be a better option for you.

An LPA protects businesses by providing a mechanism for decisions to be made despite your temporary or permanent incapacity. An AD allows you to set out your wishes for end of life treatment in a way that is legally binding.

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