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8 Wednesday, November 20, 2013


OxyChem’s New Website Provides Best Practices for Effective Ice Melting

Occidental Chemical Corporation (OxyChem), the world’s largest producer of calcium chloride, launched a new web- site describing how the unique properties of calcium chloride improve winter pedestrian safety.

Ice- is devoted to best practices for effective sidewalk ice melting.

Selection of the optimum material and proper applica- tion practices for ice melting is made more difficult by the conflicting

information users

often receive in the market- place. OxyChem’s new web- site separates the facts from incomplete or misleading information by drawing on

tation Research Board, and Environment Canada ─ as well as major universities and

the findings of reputable independent re- search and published best practices spon- sored by government agencies – including the National Forest Service, the Transpor-

Las Vegas Creating Cleaner Restrooms Let’s face it; restroom cleanliness is im-

portant no matter what facility you visit. They say that we spend an average of 1.5 years of our lives in a restroom and wheth-

prominent industry organizations. In-

depth application experience gained in the company’s more than 100 years as a cal- cium chloride supplier and the extensive field experience of OxyChem’s distribu- tors also contributed to the new website’s content. The website covers calcium chloride application best practices in considerable depth because users who employ the most efficient and responsible application prac- tices can take maximum advantage of the material’s performance and potential cost- saving capabilities. n

er we know it or not we all subliminally judge facilities cleanliness by the upkeep of the restroom. Does it smell clean? Are there papers on floor? Does the chrome shine? Does the counter top area look clean? Is the porcelain white? Are the gar- bage receptacles empty? So why not make the restroom a focal point of your cleaning standards. In fact restroom cleanliness was so important to Ed Rensi (former CEO of McDonalds) that he devoted an entire af- ternoon to the importance of notion. How do I keep the restroom looking, and smelling clean? Develop a Checklist: ensure that rest- rooms exceed user expectations, estab- lish and document cleaning procedures. A good cleaning strategy will include a recurring combination of spot cleaning, daily cleaning and deep cleaning methods. By establishing a regular cleaning check- list and properly training employees on procedures, even the busiest restrooms can maintain high levels of cleanliness. Select Products That Perform: In ad- dition to supplies such as soap and toilet paper, select products to protect, main- tain and deep clean restroom surfaces, like registered disinfectants. This includes products that will keep the restroom look- ing and smelling clean during use, such as air fresheners (automatic or handheld), touch less fixtures (faucets, soap dispens- ers and flush mechanisms) and fragranced urinal

screens. Restroom products that help maintain cleanliness include cleaning solutions and tools such as floor cleaning equipment, chemical dispensing systems and cleaning charts.


Measuring Cleanliness: To validate effectiveness

of cleaning methods

and products, qualify cleaning efforts with tools such as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) meters or black lights. An ATP me- ter quickly detects the presence of micro- bial contamination on restroom surfaces to determine if the correct solutions and procedures are being used. Blacklights make organic matter glow which helps de- tect surface contamination throughout the restroom.

Remember the facility janitorial staff

contributes to the well-being of patients just as much as the medical staff. Keep- ing restrooms visually clean and smell- ing clean improves customer service and builds loyalty. Ken Sensel is the Product Manager for General Cleaning, Chemical Management Systems and Healthcare at the Betco Cor- poration. He is passionate about creating a cleaner more sustainable future through products, and programs that you inspire and we innovate. In his personal time Ken enjoys competing in ½ marathons, Toast-

masters and spending time with his family. n

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