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18 Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WALDEN’S CONVENTION DAILY ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2013 Providing Distributors with Meaningful Solutions

These days, customers expect more from their distributors. Competitive pric- ing, quality products and marketplace insight and understanding aren’t nice-to- haves, they’re must-haves. Manufacturers have an opportunity to operate as partners with distributors. Fa- cilitating distributor success results in manufacturer success, too. Kruger Products understand this bal-

ance. It offers an exclusive Cost-In-Use tool that arms distributors with the infor- mation they need to help customers make the best purchasing decisions because this tool considers far more than simply the price of product. “Our Cost-In-Use tool evaluates five elements to identify op- portunities for savings across the busi- ness that are typically not evident when only looking at a basic price compari- son,” says Jay Candido, Corporate Direc- tor, Marketing and Operations, Kruger Products, Away From Home Division. “To get the most out of your purchases, it’s smarter to look at products from more than one angle.” • Labor Cost Savings – Direct savings from longer and/or better quality roll tow- el and tissue can translate to incremental labor savings for the business because less maintenance servicing is required. • Reduced Consumption – Pairing

better quality towel and tissue with con- trolled dispensing solutions can actually reduce overall consumption, meaning less replacement purchases required over the

Las Vegas

products, make sure all specifications are identical to ensure an accurate compari- son is made. • Controlled dispensing – Using product dispensing systems that con- trol the amount of product released at one time can help reduce product usage amount, waste and overall costs. Kruger Products’

Mini-Titan dis-

penser, the latest addition to its Ultimate Washroom collection, is Cost-In-Use in action. “Our Mini-Titan demonstrates not only show how Cost-In-Use works, but

the value this model brings our

customers,” explains Candido. The dis- penser offers several end-user benefits including touchless operation to promote

year. • Support of brand image – Better quality products influence customers’ per- ception of a facility, resulting in positive

experiences and repeat business. • Precise Product Comparison – Buy smart; before comparing two competitive

a hygienic environment, flexible length settings that control the amount of product dispensed at one time, thereby controlling consumption and minimizing maintenance time spent refilling it, as well as a refined design that supports an establishment’s overall brand image. “Our business is built around under- standing the needs of our customers and the challenges they face so that we recom- mend the right product mix to meet their needs,” says Candido. Providing distributors with meaningful solutions for end-users makes a difference. Visit Kruger Products at booth #3353 n

Mobile Electronic Rep Assist Interactively Merges Inventory with Facility Needs

Interactive, Mobile Application Merges Facility Needs with Distributor Inventory They’re ready! Better have the right mats!

J&M Technologies, the leader for online ordering, electronic, and print catalog ap- plications, provides Electronic Rep Assist (ERA), a revolutionary mobile application designed to maximize sales opportunities on every sales call as it instantly merges a facility’s needs with a distributor’s current inventory.

The ERA application allows a sales

rep to access an interactive program, ini- tially displaying a screen that is market- segmented by major industries: Industrial, Education, Hospital/Healthcare,


ing Homes, Hotels, Commercial/Office, Restaurants/Foodservice and Retail. With each screen touch, the application drills down with details of the chosen facility type and the various areas of that facility. For example, if the sales rep is visiting a school, the application can guide him to information about a specific area in the school building, such as the athletic de- partment weight room.

Introducing the most efficient matting for heavy traffic areas:

MarathonTM Learn more at Visit us @ booth # 2521 to find the best matting solutions.

As the sales rep zeros in on a room, the cleaning opportunities are shown along with the product solutions from the dis- tributor’s inventory. From there, the rep can access a more detailed description of the suggested product, an image of the product, and its current price. “This application is an indispensable sales tool for distributors and their sales force,” says John Manzoian, president of J&M Technologies. “For experienced sales reps, it assures no product is over-

looked when solving a customer problem or meeting their need. Inexperienced reps will be confident in their sales situations in suggesting the best product for the cus- tomer.”

ERA is designed for use on mobile tab-

lets, but can also be used on laptop and desktop computers. See the exciting ERA in action at the 2013 ISSA Show or visit for more informa- tion.

J&M Technologies Booth 527. n

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