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As much as 80 percent of infections are transmitted by hands; Cascades An- tibacterial paper towels provide a simple and effective way to further reduce bac- terial contamination and transmission by killing over 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria almost instantly unlike ordinary paper towels. By integrating a safe active ingredient (benzalkonium chloride) into

a dry format, these innovative pa- per towels compensate for people’s imperfect hygiene habits without changing the way they wash or dry their hands. These towels can fit anywhere and don’t require additional steps. They are ideal for healthcare, food processing, foodser- vice, education, daycare, office building,


industrial and transportation markets. These towels are more effective than regu- lar towels at remov- ing bacteria. They are safe, non-irritating and non-allergenic for em- ployees that wash their hands often. Moreover, Cascades Antibacterial paper towel is manu-

factured according to Cascades’ best en- vironmental practices. Made from 100%

Las Vegas

recycled fiber, these paper towels are man- ufactured with 5 times less water than the North American paper industry average (source: AF&PA 2009) and are Processed Chlorine Free® certified. They are safe when used as directed and hypoallergenic. Cascades Antibacterial Paper Towel Picks Up Multiple Honors Cascades Antibacterial paper towels re-

cently won a 2013 Edison Awards Gold Medal in the Consumer Packaged Goods category at the 2013 Edison Awards Annu- al Gala, held in Chicago. The paper towels have also been honored with a 2013 4-Star Technology Review Score from Environ- mental Leader and in 2011 won the Stevie Award (8th Annual International Business Awards) for Best New Product or Service of the Year. or call us at 1-800-246-0711. n

LEEDing The Way

Many businesses are looking to buy or use products from distributors and manu- factures that embrace sustainability, while balancing financial targets. One of the most direct ways that a company can posi- tively impact the environment is through using sustainable paper products in their facilities.

LEED v4 is about to launch and one of the biggest changes is the amount of green products businesses must purchase to earn the Green Cleaning Products and Materi- als credit.

This credit covers the procurement of chemicals, paper and can liners, and at least 75% of purchases (based on cost) must meet specific environmental stan- dards, compared to the 30% required in 2009.

LEED v4 has added additional certifica-

tions to choose from, including the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for fiber procurement. Kruger Products was one of the first North America tissue manufacturers to achieve FSC certifica- tion, and today carries one of the largest portfolios of FSC-certified products in North America. “FSC certification assures that products bearing the FSC logo come from well- managed forests, responsible sources and/ or recycled materials,” explains Steven Sage, Vice President, Sustainability & In- novation, Kruger Products.

Jan/san professionals can immediately help customers meet the new guidelines with more than 50 FSC-certified tissue and products offered by Kruger Products, including popular products from the Em- bassy, Esteem and White Swan line-ups. “Kruger Products doesn’t charge a

premium for these certified products, so you can help your company achieve its sustainability goals and work within operating budgets,” says Sage. LEED continues to have greater impact in the marketplace, and is an opportunity for businesses to position themselves as green leaders. Kruger Products’ large portfolio of sustainable tissue and paper product offerings allows businesses to improve their environmental stewardship while operating within budgetary limits. To learn more about Kruger Products’

portfolio of FSC-certified products, visit booth #3353 at ISSA/INTERCLEAN or n

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