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Sustainability Programs Increase Safety and Savings

Creating and maintaining a sustainabil-

ity program ranks among the top goals of cleaning professionals, according to extensive research by Tennant Company. “There is a perception that creating and maintaining a solid sustainability program

Kyle Henning, Director of Global Market- ing at Tennant Company.

“The benefits of a successful sustain- ability program far outweigh the cost to implement. A strong program should include ways to use fewer chemicals, less water, gener- ate less waste and conserve energy in a daily cleaning routine. Integrat- ing these goals into a facility’s sus- tainable cleaning strategy can result in

reduced costs,

Tennant pictured above in booth 1540 with (l to r) Chris Killingstad, Pres., Dave Mathieson, Board of Dir., Carol Eicher, Board of Dir. and Rusty Zay, VP Global Marketing.

is costly and complex, but there are a few key things you can introduce into your program to enhance your efforts,” said

improved indoor air quality and in- creased safety.” Increase your sustainable efforts without busting your budget: 1.


Chemical Stripping Products. Recent innovations allow floor stripping to be

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Grove Give Distributors Room to Grow With expansion into skincare and chem- icals, Spring Grove offers distributors new opportunities to capture more business us- ing their popular and growing value brand.

selling product category. Hand cleaners and hand sanitizers (skincare) represent more than a billion dollars in annual sales. They’re nearly 20% of the large chemi- cals category, which is essential to every JanSan distributor. (Figures come from the “Report on 2012 Sanitary Supply Distributor Sales,” conducted by ISSA and Sanitary Main- tenance magazine.) Distributors who

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Representing Saalfeld Redistribution form (l to r) are Brian Schuster, Michael Miller, Thomas Stickels, Peter Svintsitsky, Jodie Briggs, James Farrell, and Michael Feenan.

Trebor Tissue!

want to establish themselves in skin- care – or grow their share of it – now have the opportunity with Spring Grove. Available

exclu- WC811/TRE-0491 ISSAStripAd_LWC334/TRE-0221 ISSAStrip Ad 8/22/13 10:57 AM Page 1

A recent survey of distributors indicated that skincare is the second largest-selling product line within the second largest-

sively from Saalfeld® Redistribution, the brand’s value-based positioning has seen

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five to 20 percent of U.S. residents get the flu each year, and more than 200,000 people are hospital- ized with flu-related complications. To help limit the spread of the flu in the workplace this flu season, ITW Profes- sional Brands offers four tips for proper building cleaning and sanitization. “Being prepared to combat and re- spond to influenza outbreaks is critical to safeguarding pub- lic health,” said ITW Professional Brands Marketing Director Rich Bucher. “Clean- ing professionals are the first line of de- fense against disease, so it is important to apply disinfection best practices within

following tips for limiting the spread of the flu: 1) Promote hand hygiene: Frequent

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541 Booth

WALDEN’S CONVENTION DAILY ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2013 CONVENTION DAILY A Walden-Mott Publication Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Amazing Line Up Still to Come

Thursday’s ISSA Keynote Speaker will be Endurance Artist and Magician David Blaine, but the real stars of the show prom- ise to be the well-known cleaning industry executives, who will be honored during the ISSA Excellence Ceremony. The cer-

continued on page 4 David Blaine Tony Hsieh

Dont Miss The Show Floor Happy Hour In addition to the 90th the best network-

ing opportunity of the week, ISSA will announce the five winners of the ISSA

entries and cast your vote.) The entertainment promises to be unique with an All Request Live starring Vegas Limit, a show that marries music with technology as the performers will accept requests from the audience, by text and via Twitter. CIMS-GB Included in

Newly Released LEED- EBOM

The ISSA Cleaning

Lidia Work President of American Paper Converting and outgoing President of ISSA, is seen above cutting the ribbon at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North American 2013 Convention held in Las Vegas.

Innovation Program Visitors’ Choice

Awards. (Be sure to visit the ISSA Inno- vation Showcase, Booth 1785, to see the

Industry Management Standard-Green Building (CIMS-GB)—a nation- ally recognized certification program that provides third- party verification for clean- ing operations—is now an

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ITW - Limiting the Spread of the Flu According to the CDC, approximately

your cleaning operation to limit the spread of infection.”

Booth 3316

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


ITW Professional Brands is making it’s 40th appearance at the ISSA Show. Visit Booth 2846 to visit ITW.

ITW Professional Brands offers the

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