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Whatever your pumping requirements are, JTPumps can supply you it, all at affordable prices. It holds in stock and supplies packaged pumping stations to suit all applications whether sewage pumping stations or basement dewatering products. The company carries a large stock of plastic pipe and fittings, ensuring that it is able to provide you with everything you require. Domestic sewage pumping stations come

in all different sizes with single and twin sewage pumps handling 50mm solids or 65mm solids. The domestic packaged sewage pumping stations are designed to be easy to install and come pre-assembled, and comply to BS EN 12050-1:2001 / BS EN 7526:1998 standards.

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The Eccostove is an innovative new concept in woodburning technology using silicon carbide to create energy efficient wood combustion, providing whole home heating without plumbing. Eccostove has an 85.3 per cent efficiency rating and still emits 25 per cent of stored heat up to 12 hours after firing (dependant on model). There are four models in the range that will heat anything from a two bedroom property, right through to a five bedroom property, provided doors around the home are left open. For more information on Eccostove, check out the website or email the sales team.

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HETAS Guide 2013 names Jetmaster’s 18i and 60i the most efficient inset stoves in the UK. The range achieves blazing efficiencies of up to 86 per cent through it’s Pureburn Technology – increased efficiency with fewer harmful emissions. The 70i happily burn multi-fuel when using a basket grate, while the 16i and 18i burn wood and multi-fuel right from the get go, nothing else required. Each stove is built in the UK according to rigorous quality standards with a five year guarantee when registered. Crafted lovingly in Hampshire, these are British made stoves designed for British homes.

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Marmox Specialist Building Products will be exhibiting at this year’s EcoBuild on Stand N1210 at London’s Excel centre between the 4th and 6th March 2014. Well known as experts in insulation – waterproofing, sound minimising, thermal insulation and fireproofing – Marmox will show a wide and diverse array of products including several recent additions to its range. Especially featured will be the lightweight Multiboard range that is equally suited to wetroom applications and for sound insulation elsewhere in the home. The Marmox Stand promises to be an interesting experience for anyone in the industry and a must for those directly involved, as most are, in areas involving insulation in all its forms.


The Deck Tile Co. has expanded its range of exterior modular flooring systems to include a revolutionary new product range: Levato Mono. Manufactured from double fired 20mm porcelain stoneware and with rectified edges to create smooth, straight lines, its pavers offer incredible technical performance but without compromising on the aesthetic. Not only are Levato Mono pavers incredibly attractive, 100 per cent colourfast, highly stain and wear resistant, they are an ‘eternal’ finish product, meaning they will remain as good as the day they are installed. Used in conjunction with height adjustable, fixed head or self- levelling pedestals or paver pads, the Levato Mono system makes it possible to create perfectly level finished surfaces over an uneven sub-surface, or single ply membrane.


For over 35 years Beam Vacuum & Ventilation have been specialising in the supply and installation of centralised vacuum and ventilation systems in the UK & Ireland. A Beam Central Vacuum System by Electrolux provides healthier, quieter and convenient vacuuming and is suitable for new or existing homes. Mechanical ventilation systems are an essential part of today’s airtight homes and help improve indoor air quality. Beam’s wide range of highly sustainable and low energy systems, include: Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR), Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) and Positive Input Ventilation (PIV).

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