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 Dickies

Dickies will be introducing a number of exciting new products and ranges for 2014, with style, functionality and quality being paramount. It is launch- ing a brand new Flame Retardant range with new design features and introducing new and innovative fabrics into the market. It will also be introduc- ing an exciting new two tone range, designed to sit across all Dickies collections. The new parka jacket is a key piece in the collection, with features including a removable hood,

removable fur and a tail hem for extra back warmth. Dickies’ high performance workwear is suited for even the harshest working environments.

Tel: 01761 419419 Enq. 137 Hultafors

Hultafors Tools’ new Product and Price List catalogue is now available with details of loads of innovative hand tools and accessories for working effectively wherever you are on site – whatever your trade. The proof of Hultafors’ quality and innovation can be found in every hand tool. Ergonomically crafted with built-in Fisco technology, there’s a host of tools for measuring and marking, chopping, striking and levelling. There’s even award-winning wrecking bars that act

as multi-purpose workmates on site. Whatever the job in hand, the Hultafors hand tools system provides the ultimate solutions for making everyone’s workday easier.

Enq. 139 Snickers Workwear

The soft wicking polyester in Snickers’ ‘First Layer’ underwear keeps your body warm and dry, while the ‘Second Layer’ garments will insulate your body by creating a pocket of air around it to keep you warm. Over and above these superb working clothes, Snickers’ ‘Third Layer’ jackets and trousers deliver reliable weather protection against rain, wind, hail and snow along with advanced ventilation plus in-built functionality to control and regulate the heat from your body.

These waterproof, breathable, strong and durable outer garments – like Snickers’ new advanced A.P.S. working clothes – will keep you working in comfort, at your best, whatever the environment or weather conditions.

Enq. 140  


 Snickers Workwear

Snickers’ ‘Three-Layer’ workclothes principle is unique in the workwear industry. While our bodies can adapt to warm conditions, they can’t acclimatise to cold weather. Keeping the body warm by storing warm air close to the body is the primary task of the middle layer. Snickers’ ‘Second Layer’ garments are made of a porous material that creates warm air-pockets. These include shirts, fleeces and trousers that are carefully designed to compliment 'First Layer' protection

through unique innovations like the A.I.S. Active Insulation System. Snickers combine insulating and windproof micro-fleece fabrics with high moisture transportation material to keep you warm and comfortable on site. 

Enq. 138

Lakes Bathrooms

Shower specialist Lakes Bathrooms is expanding its discount offer on its AllClear® Surface Protection System for all consumers, previously only available to those purchasing shower enclosures from the Classic or Coastline Collections. A 25 per cent discount is now available for a limited time on all online purchases of the AllClear Surface Protection System; a complete kit designed for home application of the high perform- ance stay-clean coating, suitable for maintenance of treated glass and for use on an array of household surfaces. AllClear is a hydrophobic, invisible, stay-clean coating that repels water, limescale, dirt, soap scum and other deposits to protect the sparkle of bathroom products; giving glass 20 per cent greater brilliance. The AllClear Surface Protection System is a com- plete kit contained in a sturdy plastic tub. It includes a jar of surface restorer and abrasive pad for pre-application cleaning, a nylon buffer and microfi- bre polishing cloth, plus the all important AllClear SWIFT™ coating in a spray. Application takes only a few minutes and each Surface Protection System contains enough to provide approximately 16 square metres of coverage. The kit normally retails at £40.47, but with the discount now on offer it is available online from Lakes Bathrooms for just £30.35.

Enq. 141 Tel: 01684 853870 Enq. 142 30 selfbuilder & homemaker

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