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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WALDEN’S CONVENTION DAILY ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2013 UL Environment: Your Source for Sustainability Solutions

Sustainable cleaning products are being demanded by everyone from schools to hospitals to governments seeking reduced environmental and human health impacts. Sifting through the myriad of eco-labels to find credible sustainability certifications and resources you can trust to make pur- chasing and specifying decisions can be tough or even outright frustrating. For- tunately, you don’t have to take the jour- ney toward sustainability alone; UL En- vironment is an expert in this field and has developed a number of innovative tools, resources and services to help identify—and, most important, trust— sustainable cleaning products. Let us show you how: meet UL Environment. Evolving from safety to sustainability More than one hundred years ago,

manufacturers were focused on protect- ing people from hazards such as fire and electrical shock caused by faulty or poorly manufactured products. UL, a global inde- pendent safety science company, was es- tablished at the time to meet the demand and necessity for safer products. Over the last century, as safety has become the norm, UL is expanding its innovative safe- ty solutions from the public adoption of electricity to encompass new and emerg- ing solutions such as sustainability. UL Environment, a business unit of UL,

was created in 2009 to take on these new safety challenges: protecting people from

a product’s lifecycle impacts on the envi- ronment and human health. With access to the UL infrastructure of 131 laboratory, testing, and certification facilities serving customers in 104 countries, UL Environ- ment is able to offer the technical exper- tise, global reach, and capacity to custom-

ers and provide them

with a comprehensive suite of sustainabil- ity services tailored to their organizational and customers’ needs. As part of UL, UL Environment is in a unique position to address those environ- mental and human health impacts of prod- ucts that are not captured by traditional product safety testing and certification, while upholding the same trust and trans- parency that consumers demand of prod- uct safety.

Enter ECOLOGO and GREENGUARD In more recent years, UL Environment has made a few key acquisitions to expand its sustainability expertise and offerings

to help meet the rising demand for more responsible products as well as tools to ef- fectively communicate different sustain- able messages. The first addition to UL Environment’s portfolio was the ECOLO- GO multi-attribute environmental certifi- cation program in 2010 and, in 2011, the GREENGUARD product emissions certi- fication joined the team. Founded in 1988, ECOLOGO Certifi- cation is awarded to products that dem- onstrate environmental leadership within their category. ECOLOGO offers credible, third-party sustainability certification of products and services. ECOLOGO Certi- fication to one of UL’s rigorous, multi-at- tribute, lifecycle-based standards indicates that a product has undergone third-party auditing and verification to stringent, sci- ence-based performance criteria. Established in 2001, GREENGUARD

Certification is awarded to products with low chemical emissions. Certified prod- ucts meet some of the world’s most rig- orous, third-party chemical emissions standards—helping to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical expo- sure while aiding in the creation of health- ier indoor environments. In addition to its certifications, UL En- vironment offers related services and so- lutions, including Environmental Product Declarations (to disclose a product’s envi- ronmental impacts over its lifecycle), En- vironmental Claim Validations (for single environmental attributes, such as recycled content claims or landfill waste diversion claims), and Advisory/Consulting Servic- es which round out its suite of sustainabil- ity offerings. New and improved sustainability tools Recently, as part of its ongoing efforts

to better support its customers, UL Envi- ronment released new certification marks for its portfolio of services, including the GREENGUARD and ECOLOGO certifi- cations. The new UL Environment marks feature a qualifying statement clearly explaining the basis for certification or validation; a URL connecting readers to a

landing page further explaining the envi- ronmental certification or validation; and standard numbers for enhanced transpar- ency. The new marks offer consistency and connect purchasers to products they can trust. In addition to releasing new marks, UL

Environment is poised to launch significant updates to its Sustainable Product Guide. The improved Product Guide features a new listing design allowing manufacturers to display more robust product information such as: product images, product descrip- tions, contact information, retail locations, websites and more. The new search in- terface will provide purchasers/specifiers with quicker,

easier access to certified

products and even be able to search for products by LEED credits. These new and improved sustainability tools offer ways to connect you to more responsible products and help make your purchasing decisions easier. UL Environment’s Advantages The next time you need to purchase more sustainable cleaning products, remember these five compelling reasons to make UL Environment your resource of choice: 1. Top Recognition - UL is the most

trusted mark in North America. Its marks are on more than 22 billion products worldwide. 2. High Acceptance – UL Environment’s

certifications are accepted by a multitude of green codes, standards, guidelines, and building programs across North America. 3. Confidence – UL Environment pro- vides confidence in the environmental per- formance of products thanks to rigorous third-party review and verification by one of the most trusted certifiers in the world. 4. Assurance – UL Environment pro-

vides assurance that a product has reduced environmental and health impacts. 5. Proof of Leadership – UL Environ-

ment’s new marks and online Sustainable Product Guide make it easier than ever to find and trust more sustainable products. For more information about UL En- vironment, its tools, and services, visit

Crown Mats Introduces Advanced Backing Material for Matting

Crown Mats and Matting is introducing an entirely new patented backing system, which will be added to some of the com- pany’s current and future matting prod- ucts.

Along with several other features, the

new backing, which is called the Ther- moFlex™ Superior Durability Backing, is manufactured using environmentally responsible materials. Crown is one of the oldest and largest matting manufacturers in the country. This is just one of other important tech- nologies the company has introduced to the matting industry. One of its most fa- mous developments is the patented Zed- lan™ sponge used in anti-fatigue matting. The company believes the ThermoFlex backing system will prove to be as impor- tant to the industry and end customers as Zedlan is.

AD WALDENS 2013 ISSA order entry FINAL PRINTER 5x7.indd 1 10/31/2013 10:13:45 AM

According to Dennis Knapp, Director of Sales for Crown, mats with the Ther- moFlex: • Are 100 percent impermeable (water resistant and resilient) to ensure optimal floor protection • Provide added protection to ensure the life of the mats’ fibers • Are more durable than other backing systems • Are resistant to a wide range of tem- peratures and weather conditions • Are manufactured using premium vi-

nyl, which is not only higher quality but much lighter than lower-quality vinyl • Allow for two mats to be joined to in- crease the size of the mat to nearly 12 feet “We are encouraging end custom-

ers to look for the ThermoFlex symbol when selecting a new matting system,” says Knapp. “It will be placed on all mats made with this new backing technology.”

Las Vegas

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