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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


for Green Products Green Seal’s Role in the Sustainability Movement

Most people know of Green Seal as a cer- tifier of green products. In fact Green Seal has used a number of different tools over the years to help green the economy to pro- tect health and the environment. Ecolabel- ing or certification is their primary tool but not their only one. The first Green Seal was awarded around

1992, but by the mid 1990s companies were seeing a slow uptake in the demand for their certified products. Green Seal responded by working to stimulate demand from in- stitutional buyers in government agencies, non-profit organizations, and large compa- nies. Institutions – especially government agencies – were increasingly committing to green procurement policies. Encouraging them to seek Green Seal-certified created a strong customer base for products that car- ried the seal.

Green Seal created an “Environmental

Partners” program for institutions, requir- ing that members commit to recycling and implementing a green purchasing policy. From the vast pool of scientific knowledge accumulated from standard development and certification, Green Seal produced buy- ing guides for offices and facilities and pro- vided purchasing recommendations through

a series of “Choose Green Reports”. In the late-1990s, Green Seal began

working with institutions on implementing customized green procurement programs. Some of the projects were broad in scale, covering a number of categories; others were in-depth, focusing on a specific cat- egory. Clients included the National Park Service, the U.S. Army at Aberdeen Prov- ing Ground, and the World Bank, as well as state and local governments, such as California, Pennsylvania, and Los Angeles County. Today Green Seal continues to produce guidance documents for purchasers and facilities operations. Citations to their stan- dards are found in procurement bids by large purchasing entities (such as the Com- monwealth of Massachusetts) and in regu- lations for large purchasing groups (such as New York State schools). In fact nearly half the states in the US reference Green Seal standards in their procurement documents. Increasing the number of truly green products on the market, by certification and also by creating demand for Green Seal- certified products and services, helps the non-profit organization achieve its mission to create a more sustainable world. By Linda Chipperfield

ISSA Releases First

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association today released a new standard industry professionals can use when work- ing in or with K-12 schools to promote a cleaner and healthier indoor environment to benefit children’s learning experiences. The ISSA Clean Standard: K-12 estab- lishes steps for objectively assessing the effectiveness of cleaning processes in an educational facility. Additional versions of the standard for other facility types will be available in 2014. “ISSA is pleased to launch yet anoth- er tool that supports our overall goal of changing the way the world views clean- ing,” said ISSA Executive Director John Garfinkel. “In the face of difficult budget cuts and a misunderstanding of the im- portance cleaning has in the success of student education, our members and the schools they work with can use science to help make the case for proper cleaning.” Based on the philosophy of “Clean, Measure, Monitor,” and with an em- phasis on high-performance cleaning, the Clean Standard: K-12 focuses on: • The desired levels of cleanliness that can reasonably be achieved; • Recommended monitoring and in- spection procedures to measure the effec- tiveness of cleaning • How to use the measurement and inspection results to assess and improve

Clean Standard for K-12 cleaning processes and products, ultimate- ly resulting in a clean, healthy, and safe learning environment. Assessing cleaning effectiveness can help improve the process and ensure that the desired level of cleanliness is achieved and maintained at school facilities. This is especially important in light of the grow- ing body of evidence that concludes that improved hygiene in schools results in re- duced illnesses and reduced absenteeism. “The Clean Standard: K-12 is a won- derful sales tool that will help differen- tiate our products and processes in a credible and objective manner based on their superior cleaning effectiveness,” said Jon Scoles, president, Scoles Floor- shine Industries. ISSA will provide a variety of education and tools to help members use the stan- dard in educational facilities. Free “how- to” guides are available to help industry professionals implement the recommend- ed steps to measure, monitor, and adjust processes. To download the standard and accompanying guides, visit www.issa. com/cleanstandard. The standard was developed through a consensus-based process including ex- perts representing all sectors of the clean- ing industry, such as: • The Healthy Schools Campaign • The National Association of State Boards of Education • The American Federation of Teachers • Manufacturers and distributors of cleaning products • Contract cleaning service providers focused in this market • Industry consultants • Academia. It is based on multi-year scientific re- search guided by the independent Clean- ing Industry Research Institute’s (CIRI) Science Advisory Panel.

The study in-

volved thousands of measurements taken with ATP (adenosine triphosphate) mea- surement systems from high-touch sur- faces recognized as posing health risks in schools (i.e.: student desks, cafeteria tables, and restroom sinks and stall doors). The ATP measurements were conducted in numerous schools across the United States to account for potential geographic or cli- matic variations. The award-winning ISSA/INTER- CLEAN North America is the only trade show where

executives come together

from all segments of the jansan industry to do business and gather information to better manage distribution companies, building services companies, and facility management departments. ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, and its tradeshow partner, Amsterdam RAI, produce ISSA/INTER- CLEAN shows around the world. ISSA also hosts more than 40 educational semi- nars and networking opportunities in con- junction with ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America. For more information, visit

As the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, ISSA is committed to helping its more 6,100 members change the way the world views cleaning.

Las Vegas

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