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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WALDEN’S CONVENTION DAILY ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2013 The Key to Retaining Tenants is the Restroom

When it comes to retaining tenants and attracting new ones, something as simple as a pleasant restroom experience could mean the difference between signing a lease or walking away. A trip to the rest- room always leaves an impression, wheth- er it is agreeable or downright disgusting. Class A buildings, fine dining restau- rants and other high-end establishments focus on providing visitors and tenants

with the finest amenities. These offer- ings can include a concierge, on-site shoe shining or valet service, but the restroom is often overlooked. In order to maintain an elegant atmosphere valued by tenants and visitors, the restroom should be con- sistent with the image upheld throughout the building. Tenants in Class A buildings expect clean and hygienic conditions in rest-

rooms, meaning no clutter of paper towels on the floor, no sitting water around the sinks, clean stalls and functioning dis- pensers. Details such as upscale hardware, chic décor, lighting and music are big fac- tors in user satisfaction and reflect on how the business or building treats its tenants. A recent study by Harris Interactive and sponsored by SCA found that 93 percent of Americans believe the condition of a

Las Vegas

workplace restroom is an indicator of how a company values its workforce. Addition- ally, when companies are entertaining cli- ents at the office, the overall experience, including the restroom, must be more than pleasant.

Another significant aspect in maintain- ing high-class buildings is waste reduction and sustainability. Building owners that reduce waste, such as garbage lying on the floor or unused products scattered around the restroom, and offer environmentally- friendly products will see positive results from customers. These days people see through the green “trend” and expect a long-term sustainability plan that must be grounded in the business and building culture, ensuring all products meet and ex- ceed environmental guidelines. Recently, building and property manag-

ers have requested higher-quality and so- cially responsible products to give visitors and tenants a better restroom experience. That demand was the inspiration behind the new high-end hand towel line from SCA’s Tork® brand. The new product, launching at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2013, provides an extra soft and absorbent op- tion for improved comfort and better hy- giene, while also maintaining an elegant image. The hand towels are smarter for the environment, too, with several FSC certified – a third-party certification that assures the virgin fiber is sourced in a way that is economically, socially and envi- ronmentally responsible. Others are EPA compliant, meeting the government stan- dards for post-consumer content. In addition to the Tork High-End Hand

Towels, the brand also created the Xpress Countertop Dispenser, a chic way to dis- pense the quality hand towels and guar- antee 25-percent less paper waste in the restroom. It focuses on style and perfor- mance, featuring finger-proof technology and anti-slip pads.

Creating a clean and high-quality rest- room is a simple but critical task in build- ing management and maintenance. It is in the facility manager’s best interest to use the same care in the restroom as in other common areas, and thus encourage tenants to renew their lease, expand their space and recommend the building to peers. Stop by the SCA booth (#1228) at ISSA/ INTERCLEAN 2013 to be one of the first to touch, see and feel the softness and strength of the Tork High-End Hand Tow- els, or visit to sign up for a free trial for your restroom. By John Drengler, SCA AfH Profes- sional Hygiene-North America

Lighten Your Load

Donate your unused product and display merchandise at the end of ISSA/INTER- CLEAN® North America, to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children and you will also: • Help needy kids • Be environmentally friendly • Earn a tax deduction* • Feel good.

To learn more, visit product. For more information about the ISSA

Foundation, which is sponsoring this do- nation program, visit *Donations may qualify for a tax de- duction of up to twice the cost.

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