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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


R3’s Exemplifies Sustainability: Expands Green Source Product Line

To be successful in today’s economy,

you can’t just preach sustainability; it must be instilled into an organization’s very DNA. Going “green” is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a necessary course of action for organizations in all indus- tries, including redistribution. R3, Reliable Redistribution Re- source a leading redistributor in North America, knows this and is leading the way with their sustainability

efforts. In the

process, R3 has found that they are realizing significant savings for their efforts and engaging with more sustainable minded customers. For example, R3 recently up-

graded their warehouse lighting system from inefficient metal halide light- ing to fluorescent lamps in their distribu- tion center in Chicago. The more efficient fluorescent lighting is controlled by mo- tion detectors. Since the installation of the new lighting system, R3 has realized significant improvements in their use of energy for lighting, to the tune of a 30% reduction in kilowatt usage, according to R3.

In addition to the lighting upgrade, each

R3 branch recycles paper and plastic in order to divert these materials away from landfills. The company is also piloting a comprehensive program at several of their

R3 has undertaken was the development of the environmentally responsible prod- uct line, Green Source. The Green Source brand offers R3 the opportunity to provide competitively priced, environmentally pre- ferred alternatives to traditional towel and tissue products.

“The focus on sustainability was in- creasing, and our distributor customers told us they needed more green alterna- tives to traditional towel and tissue prod- ucts,” said R3 President, Redistribution Earl Engleman. “Green Source offers them the environmental benefits they are looking for without the additional cost

products. The new products include 2-ply bath tissue in standard and jumbo rolls, 2-ply towels in center pull and kitchen roll options and 2-ply 1/6-fold dinner napkins. All Green Source products are EcoLo-

go® certified chlorine free and made from 100% recycled materials. Founded in 1988, EcoLogo is the largest, most re- spected environmental standard for sus- tainable products. EcoLogo certification assures consumers that products are man- ufactured with the environment in mind. “Green Source helps our distributor cus- tomers’ clients build a positive image in a cost-effective way,” said R3 Vice Presi- dent, Marketing Doug Kyle. “They can

larger warehouses to recycle all plastic pallet wrap, and cardboard on their incom- ing inventory. Perhaps the most suc- cessful green initiative

premiums typically associated with alter- native green products”. In the spirit of offering competitively

priced green products, R3 is proud to an- nounce the addition of five new toilet and tissue products to their popular and exclu- sive Green Source line of toilet and tissue

Las Vegas

show their patrons they care about the en- vironment by offering a high-quality certi- fied green paper product that provides an excellent user experience.”

The Signature Series from Cintas

The new Signature Series of designer restroom accessories from Cintas offers businesses a stylish alternative to the tradi- tional, industrial look of the standard com- mercial restroom. The collection includes everything from soap and toilet paper dis- pensers to air fresheners and trash cans— all in a sleek, functional and customizable design. Featuring a special “soft coat” finish, the Signature Series is resistant to finger- prints, easy-to-clean and features a bac- teria static surface to help reduce germs and cross-contamination. Available in nine colors under the groupings Timeless, Bold, Earth and Steel, the collection requires no upfront inventory investment. On a weekly basis, Cintas’ restocking service will mon- itor inventory levels, deliver fresh, clean products and ensure that all dispensers are full and functioning. For more information on Cintas’ solutions for facilities, visit

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