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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WALDEN’S CONVENTION DAILY ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2013 Growing business can be as easy as ordering a catalog

A new catalog program from Saalfeld® Redistribution aims to help JanSan dis- tributors increase their value to customers – with minimal effort or expense. Through Saalfeld, distributors can offer

new product lines without tying up large amounts of cash in minimum orders. Saal- feld takes on the manufacturer minimums, so distributors can buy only the amounts they need. Distributors are able to test new offerings in the marketplace with very lit- tle risk by tapping into Saalfeld’s extensive category management expertise and broad product offerings. With new products from Saalfeld, a

distributor has the opportunity to grow its business strictly through existing cus- tomers room-by-room (no cold-calling re- quired). It can also serve niche needs, re-

duce out-of-stocks and increase customer satisfaction. Distributors will want to inform their customers about these new offerings, and that’s where the 2014 Catalog Program comes in.

Saalfeld has produced a comprehensive product catalog that distributors can use as their own. A number of cover designs are available – two tailored for janitorial cus- tomers, two for foodservice customers and one for grocery customers. Any of these designs can be imprinted with the distribu- tor’s name, logo and contact information. Catalogs start at a low cost for quantities as low as 20. Distributors wanting greater Brand mar-

keting and promotion can provide their own original cover design for just a little

more. A Saalfeld-branded design as an economy option is also available at a low cost with the first 20 being free. “For even greater reach, a web-based interactive version of the catalog is being offered – complete with a customized cov- er with the distributor name and logo… allowing a distributor to easily forward a link to their customer for quick and easy reference,” said Michael Feenan, Vice President and General Manager, Saalfeld. Catalogs are in full color, and feature tabs for easy navigation. Each includes an introduction that addresses sustainability, and certifications are noted throughout. For more information, distributors should talk to their Saalfeld representative or call 877-372-2533. Saalfeld is focused on redistribution

Las Vegas

exclusively. Recognized as an industry- leading asset manager, marketer, and service provider, Saalfeld specializes in helping distributors grow their business by expanding into new product lines.

Founded in Cincinnati in 1919, Saalfeld operates nine regional hubs with more than three million square feet of ware- house space and 200 delivery vehicles. For more information about Saalfeld, visit

Konie Cups Goes Green and Employs Eco-Friendly Practices to Lessen

Environmental Footprint

Konie Cups makes a commitment to

refine day to day practices in an effort to reduce the environmental effects of their paper cup manufacturing.

Along with the launch of their new web-

site,, Konie is announc- ing their efforts to continue to be an envi- ronmentally conscious company and work on reducing their carbon footprint. “We are committed to our employees, consumers and community to be an en- vironmentally conscious company,” said Herberto Paz, Production Manager at Konie Cups. “Our efforts to go green have influenced everything we do in our offices and manufacturing plant.” Konie Cups uses cartons that are Sus-

tainable Forestry Initiative certified, which values protection of biodiversity, at risk species and wildlife habitat, protecting water quality and quick regeneration. Along with using compostable materi- als in the production of their paper cups, Konie is also focusing efforts on re-distri- bution of paper waste to a paper recycle facility and reducing energy consumption by implementing light and A/C shutoff schedules. Konie Cups International will continue

to evaluate their operations to ensure they are efficiently minimizing waste. The waste reduction program is expecting to continue to grow and is actively promot- ing recycling both internally and among customers. Konie Cups International booth 552

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