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Your missionaries’

administrative support Of our 15 Directors, only one is a paid position: the Executive Secretary, Pastor Dave Parks. He receives the same monthly salary as each of our missionaries. He performs the very wide-ranging and demanding responsibilities of handling the day-to-day issues and transactions of BFM. These responsibilities include: z Daily correspondence with the missionaries and inquiries from supporters

z Coordination of the elements and processes that go into the Mission Sheets, website, and electronic correspondences

z Transacting, recording, tracking, and reporting the disbursement of all funds to missionary expenses and operational expenses

z Resolving banking and legal issues that impact the missionaries

z Documenting and filing quarterly and annual IRS and Exempt Organization returns

z Often providing a listening ear, giver of advice, and coordinator of resources in meeting the needs of your missionaries

He is a full-time husband and father. He is also the full-time Pastor of Thompson Road Baptist Church. His commitment of attention, time, and energies to BFM goes far beyond the monetary compensation received.

BFM Directors, missionaries, and supporters would like this Administrative Support to continue in the coming years as a benefit to your missionaries.

In summary

When you support the General Fund, you are supporting all of your missionaries. Very few churches can fully support all the financial and administrative needs of their missionary. However, whether you are a church or an individual disciple, by partnering together with others and giving as the Lord leads and provides, all the needs of all your missionaries will be sufficiently and abundantly supplied. And, by the Grace of God, all of your missionaries— along with others who are called into full-time missionary service—will be able to focus without unnecessary distraction on sharing the Gospel and planting churches.

As the Lord provides and leads, please ask the Lord how you can partner with your missionaries to support the BFM General Fund.

Contributions may be made online or by mail: Baptist Faith Missions Pastor George Sledd, Treasurer P. O. Box 471280 Lake Monroe FL 32747

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